Wife of ex-PDP Chairman decamps to APC.
Husband of ex-APC Women’s Group Leader decamps to PDP.
PDP Speaker of House decamps to KOWA.
APGA Governor decamps to PWD.
Entire UTC party decamps to UAC.
Are there politicians in Nigeria?

Persons without moral principles.
Persons devoid of conviction.
Persons versed in political prostitution.
Persons pandering to powerful persons.
Persons versed in praise singing.
Are there politicians in Nigeria?

How many Tories have decamped to the Labor Party?
How many Republicans have decamped to the Democratic Party?
Both enumerable on your fingers.
Can moral conviction and social principles decamp? – No
Can opportunism decamp? – Yes.
Are there politicians in Nigeria? – No

But there are plenty of thieves in Nigeria.
These shameless thieves decamp from A Party to B Party.
As stealing opportunities in A Party dissipate.
Nigeria operates a system of Thievocracy.
Government of thieves, by thieves, for thieves.
A one-Party System is best for a Thievocracy.

There are no politicians in Nigeria but thieves.
Thieves on the outside; fasting, praying, and tithing,
To get on the inside and join the looters of the economy.
Solution – multiparty system with constitutional provisions.
Party members can decamp once every ten years.
Without decamping, there will be politicians in Nigeria.

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