The internet is inundated daily by Nigerian Pseudo Political analysts. They rove the Internet searching for solutions to the Nigerian conundrum. Africastallestman likens their inelegant solutions to the proverbial Nigerian architect who was commissioned by a Nigerian billionaire to design a home for him. He proceeds to design the most palatial home fit for royalty. When he presents his design to the billionaire, the billionaire was flustered. The billionaire wanted a small second residence on a tiny plot of land on a vacation paradise, populated by other billionaires.

A competent and analytical architect would have asked for a layout of the site before proceeding with his design. Alas, a billionaire cannot buy any choice land? To hell, no, your neighbors are billionaires, unwilling to sell to a fellow billionaire. These pseudo analysts, the when they are not posting on the internet, are mounting pyramids and podiums spewing their ill-conceived remedies to a unique Nigerian problem using borrowed solutions. I liken them to the proverbial architect.

Some have suggested a parliamentary system and claim that the world’s top 20 economies operate a parliamentary system except the USA. The country in that category closest to Nigeria in location and religious diversity is Singapore. However, there are stark differences. Singapore does not have Sharia in its Constitution, she has 15 percent Muslims, is not a member of the OIC (Organization for Islamic Cooperation) nor is she a member of the D-8 (Organization for Economic Cooperation). The Singaporean Constitution allows religious freedom, no particular religion is primus inter pares. Muslim Sunnis and Shi’as do not coexist peacefully in one country. How would one expect the Sunni Muslim HausaFulanis, who claim a phantom majority in Nigeria to allow infidels any say in the governance of Nigeria?

There are no Igbo, HausaFulani, Yoruba, Tiv, Ijaw, Ibibio and 365 other tribes in Singapore. It was under a parliamentary system that Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello through his proxy, Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa declared a state of emergency in Western Nigeria and ignited “Operation Wetie.” The military coup of 1966 and subsequent upheavals in Nigeria followed.

The HausaFulani have always wanted to dominate Nigeria and foist Islam on her. Through their military dictatorships, they have succeeded in gerrymandering the Nigerian Constitution into an Islamic Constitution. The Nigerian Constitution, no accurate census, religious intolerance, and tribe are impediments to any system of governance in Nigeria.

A solution that does not include the peculiar characteristics of Nigeria and the HausaFulani attitude that they own Nigeria, will fail. Politicians form alliances for their selfish interests, using their tribes as bargaining chips. Nigeria should be broken up into at least 4 countries for any meaningful progress to be made in development. The money and resources lost to corruption, nepotism, and religion in Nigeria could build 3 USAs.

Africastallestman implores political analysts to study the landscape before designing the building.


  1. I have looked without blinking and read several articles critically, and I`m longing to find any article by the writer that I disagree with. So, once again I find myself in total agreement with the opinion expressed in the write up. Bravo! The write up is right on point!!

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