Famed for my neutrality,
Excepting monetary instruments,
When I prefer dollars,
To stash in my secret bank vaults,
Away from the prying eyes,
Of the looted citizens.

I speak German, French, and Italian,
A few renegades speak Romansh.
Diversity leads to government,
Of cantons by cantons for cantons.
Suspicious of the French,
So military exercises imagine a French invasion.

Famed for my chocolates and dairy products.
Could it be that high living cows,
Produce high quality milk?
Favorite destination for skiers,
Because of my snow-capped mountains.
But beware of avalanches.

My only foreign military intervention,
Is guarding the Pope in the Vatican.
Harbors the Red Cross and several international agencies,
Boosted by my neutrality.
Would not start a war,
But able and capable of fending off invaders.

High per capita income,
High cost of living,
Elegant resorts,
Abundance of luxury items especially watches,
Makes me a favorite vacation spot.
For high fliers and world’s business conferences.

Who am I?


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