CAN sent the following 18-point demand to the Alhaji Nasr el-Rufai APC Restructuring Committee. This is in response to the submission by Alhaji Professor Ishaq Akintola of MURIC.

1. Remove Shariah from the Nigerian Constitution.
2. Shariah should not be State Law.
3. Shariah should be administered by Imams privately if both parties accept the Imam’s authority.
4. Nigeria should quit the Islamic OIC.
5. Nigeria should quit the Islamic D-8.
6. The NPWB should be dissolved.
7. The CPWB should be dissolved.
8. Pilgrims should buy foreign exchange at prevailing rates.
9. Pilgrim Affairs should be administered by MURIC (Muslims) and CAN (Christians).
10. The Nigerian Government provides consular affairs to all pilgrims.
11. Anyone who kills another human because of desecration of the Quran or Bible shall be executed.
12. A moment of silence is observed at State functions. There should be no Christian, Muslim, or Voodoo prayers.
13. Muslims who insist on praying outside their break times should not be paid as they are absent while on duty.
14. If Muslims insist on praying while on duty, Christians, Voodooists, and other religious denominations should get extra five days of work-free holidays every year to equalize the praying holidays Muslims currently enjoy.
15. Muslims must be at work on those holidays.
16. All mosques erected in public work places must be demolished.
17. Islamic (Arabic) language on the Naira, Military emblems, etc must be removed.
18. The National Assembly Building must be remodeled to remove the mosque look.

CAN – Christian Association of Nigeria.
MURIC – Muslim Rights Concern.
OIC -Organization of Islamic Cooperation.
D-8 – Organization for Economic Cooperation.
NPWB – National Pilgrims Welfare Board.
CPWB – Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board.

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