Claim to fame is genocide.
Majority rule is anathema, results in pieces.
Peace only when minority rules.
An iron-fisted minority dictator,
Who conducts sham elections,
And changes the constitution at will.

Squelches dissent by all means,
Including assassinations at home and abroad.
Enjoying spectacular economic growth,
But at the price of liberty.
Democracy cannot be suppressed forever.
An unvented pressure cooker is bound to explode.

Adored by the West as an African economic miracle.
Remarkable recovery after genocide.
Ethnic tensions persist because of discrimination against majority.
But suppressed by militarization of the minority tribe.
Military engages in foreign adventures,
To stir trouble in neighbors.

Beautiful country with beautiful people.
Lacking freedom of press,
Freedom of expression,
And freedom of democracy.
Economic success cannot substitute for liberty.
A ticking time bomb!

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