A nation with a compromised youth is a useless nation. It was a truly gory sight to behold a group of compromised youths demonstrating in Abuja for Nigerian unity on September 23, 2017. These misguided mob led by Kenneth Okonkwo and Frank Egwu were spewing invectives such as “Nobody can divide us,” “We are one,” and other unprintable nonsense. Unity is achieved by concrete actions and not demonstrations and sloganeering.

If these are serious youth, they should tell their parents and sponsors to eschew graft, bribery, nepotism, tribalism, islamization, fulanization, jungle injustice, child marriages, and degradation of women, murder, and enthronement of mediocrity, quota, and zoning. Because of denial of citizenship to “non-indigenes,” these tainted youth cannot run for local government elections outside the local governments of their birth. A Nigerian can be a foreigner in Nigeria by living outside his/her birthplace.

They should be demonstrating against gifting of oil blocks to individuals, inappropriate use of the military to incite disorder, theft in the NHIS (National Health Insurance Scheme), theft in NNPC (Northern Nigeria Petroleum Corporation), and demanding that Buhari account for his stewardship of the NNPC and PTF (Petroleum Trust Fund). Is it any wonder that Buhari seized the oil portfolio in his cabinet? This time, he has outdone himself. In his first rotation in the oil business, 2.8 billion dollars disappeared, this time it is 25 billion dollars. Nigerians should be happy that it is not 28 billion dollars. Buhari being conscientious left 3.8 billion in the treasury. The initial plan was to make this heist, 28 billion dollars, ten times as much as the first heist.

If their parents do not comply, they should publicly disown them. Will the so-called youth take such a bold initiative? No, because they are beneficiaries of the present corrupt system marked by impunity, misanthropism, greed, and neglect.
Africastallestman would believe Kenneth Okonkwo and Frank Egwu when they permanently relocate to Maiduguri or Potiskum to test their belief in Nigeria’s unity.

Africastallestman sees a trend where today’s Nigerian youth will be worse than their parents are, as adults. After all, it is all in the genes.

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