Igbo leadership was vacant and waiting for someone to seize. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu took the “horns by the bull” and intense jealousy by pretenders followed.
Their reasons:
1. He is too young.
2. His language is intense.
3. He is not God.
4. People are worshiping him.
5. He insults his elders.
6. He is inviting another Civil War.
7. He is British-Biafran.
8. He never experienced the Civil War.
9. We want restructuring, not secession.
10. He practices Judaism.
11. He is abusing the President.
12. He calls Nigeria a zoo.
13. He says Governor Okorocha is Hausa.
14. Ohaneze is prima donna.
15. He broke away from MASSOB (Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra).
16. And so on and so forth.

Africastallestman will now rubbish these hollow excuses borne out of the successes of the IPOB (Indigenous Peoples of Biafra) movement. The Igbo problem has been Internationalized by IPOB and cannot be extinguished by military force.

1. He is too young. He is older than Emmanuel Macron, the French President.
2. His language is intense. His language has actually prevented a Civil War. It has served as a verbal barrage against the barrage of bullets oozing from the barrels of the AK-47s of the Fulani herdsmen. These terrorists ranked number 3 in the world in terms of carnage are just criminals to President Muhammadu Buhari, whilst unarmed civil agitators (IPOB) are terrorists. Fortunately, the world disagrees. The Fulani herdsmen are not felonious criminals but “civil criminals.” The US Civil Rights Movement had Malcom X (Nnamdi Kanu) and Martin Luther King (Ohaneze, missing in action). Why did Ohaneze not tow this path?
3. He is not God. He is the Igbo god at this moment if he can arrest Igbo MMM (Maltreatment, Marginalization, and Murder). The Pharaohs were gods and there are human gods in Eastern religions.
4. People are worshiping him. Africastallestman wishes all Igbos worship him. He has given the Igbos a sense of dignity.
5. He insults his elders. The Igbos say that, “Oke okpa mee onwe ya osikapa, umu azi ewelu ya gwue egwu” – An elder that turns into rice is inviting the children to play with it. The elders abdicated their responsibilities and the children have taken over. Some have compromised themselves and are consorting with Igbo killers.
6. He is inviting another civil war. Show me his weapons and I will agree with you. Germany survived two World Wars, more brutal than civil wars and came out stronger.
7. He is British-Biafran. Maybe an advantage, because the Nigerian-Biafrans who ought to lead the struggle have been compromised by bribes from the Hausa-Fulani.
8. He never experienced the Civil War. You do not need to experience something to appreciate it. That is why there are books, films, audio recordings, and videos.
9. We want restructuring not secession. If you ask for Biafra, you get restructuring. If you ask for restructuring, you get nothing. We must not play divide and rule politics as Ohaneze and Igbo Governors are currently engaged in. https://africastallestman.com/2017/07/01/ohaneze-must-not-play-divide-and-rule-politics/
10. He practices Judaism. If Judaism will get the Igbos respect, Africastallestman urges all Igbos to convert to Judaism. After all, Igbos converted from Traditional Religion to Christianity. One more conversion will not cause a religious earthquake. Asari Dokubo is Muslim.
11. He is abusing the President. A President who allows his kinsmen to kill, rape, and maim at will should be abused.
12. He calls Nigeria a zoo. When a President wants to convert his nation into a big grazing area for cows, that nation becomes a zoo.
13. He says Governor Okorocha is Hausa. An Igbo governor that speaks Hausa in the presence of Igbos, pays Igbos to convert to Islam is “Hausa.” Did Ohaneze call Governor Okorocha to order when he was vilifying Governor Obiano?
14. Ohaneze is prima donna. Ohaneze has been used as an avenue by successive Presidents to deliver Igbo votes to the Hausa-Fulani or procure contracts from Abuja. They initially make a lot of noise following their elections. Subsequently, they are brought into the “other room” and settled monetarily and their silence is secured. Ohaneze needs Nnamdi Kanu as a bargaining chip. https://africastallestman.com/2017/06/30/ohaneze-ezes-needs-nnamdi-kanu-oha/
15. He broke away from MASSOB. If Nnamdi Kanu did break away from MASSOB and now has more followers and credibility than MASSOB, we should all applaud him.
16. And so on and so forth.

The Igbo problem is excessive love of money that leads to betrayal of the Igbo cause. Every Igbo is not as intelligent as every other Igbo. Other oppressed tribes have benefited immensely from Nnamdi Kanu’s charisma, courage, and consistency.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is towing the right lines and is the new Dr. M.I. (Power) Okpara. God bless Nnamdi Kanu and Abia State, a real Igbo State.

Nnamdi Kanu has more credibility than Ohaneze. The Ohaneze President publishing an unsubstantiated conversation with Nnamdi Kanu after an illegal Army raid on his residence is uncharitable and does not advance the Igbo cause. Other tribes keep their quarrels and petty jealousies within the family.

Ohaneze needs reform. Wasn’t Ohaneze in the room or meeting, when the compromised Igbo Governors acting on a cue from Abuja illegally proscribed IPOB giving the Northern, sorry Nigerian Army an excuse to commit genocide in Igbo land?

Africastallestman urges the Igbos to rally around Nnamdi Kanu and settle their differences in the “Mkpuke” – Family. Ohaneze, stop giving excuses and do your job. Nnamdi Kanu is an asset to you and not a liability. We need more Mazi Nnamdi Kanus, not less. He is a prince, but notice the lack of highfalutin titles before his name. Humility in action.

Ohaneze, do your job, no more excuses.

7 thoughts on “EXCUSES! EXCUSES!! EXCUSES!!!

  1. Can those clowns that call themselves Igbo leaders hear this bitter truth? For now the only authentic and credible Igbo leader is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Where were the so called Igbo leaders when marauding herdsmen were killing their kinsmen? Have they taken any position that represents the interest of the common Igboman or woman other than their selfish interest and that of their families? These are mere imposters. Igbo leaders my foot. Until they have proven without any shadow of doubt as Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has done that he has no other loyalty other than the interest of common Igbo men and women who have been left by their so called leaders to fend for themselves. And who have been crushed and emasculated by the failed system in Nigeria that is only for the Northern interest, no reasonable Igbo man or woman should take them seriously. This is because the so called Igbo leaders have proven time and time again that their sole interest is the crumbs that fell from the table of their Northern masters.

  2. He might be all you have highlighted and more but he missed the political calculations. Instead of declaring no elections in Anambra, he should have told all his followers and admirers to go and register for elections. He would have used the influence and youthfulness of his followers to change the political permutations of Igbo land. He would have been in the position to dictate who becomes what, where , when and how.

    1. Incongruous! You are advocating change and registering to perpetuate MMM (Maltreatment, Marginalization, and Murder). The British rigged the first election in Nigeria and rigging has continued till today. Elections in Nigeria should be called “Riggections.” There has been no free elections in Nigeria. What is in dispute is the level of rigging at every election. It is the height of absurdity to ask your followers to register under Nigeria while advocating for Biafra. Have you heard of “Civil Disobedience” and “Boycott All Boycottables?”

      1. OK now that you have the benefits of hindsight (20-20 vision), what can you say have been achieved. Nwayo Nwayo ka eji alacha ofe di oku. Get Igboland first. How hard can that be? You just learnt to hunt, and you want to bring down an elephant. Get your people in position first. Elections in Nigeria are rigged, not when there is a clear favorite. Rigging is done with unused votes.
        Vote, watch the ballots, join in the counts, forward the result to a central body that starts the unofficial announcements. We shall all know where the results are going. Come and rig and see where you’ll rule. It is when we are not interested that they rig with impunity a d get away with it.
        How do you decide who comes to be what in Biafra? By Kanu’s appointment? You still get to vote anyway. Start practicing it now in Nigeria and dealing with deviants. When we get to Biafra we would have perfected.

        1. Kanu is a master strategist. He is the equal of the great political philosophers – Plato, Mills, Russell, Chidiogo. His call for a boycott of the Anambra gubernatorial election is a referendum in disguise. The election will hold whether 10 people vote in each local government area. The non- voters are voting yes to Biafra indirectly while the participants believe in Nigeria.

          When you reject a system, you reject everything about the system. If Nigeria cannot get its act together in 57 years, it will never. Kanu does not need to perfect Biafra in a failed system.

          Your elephant analogy is very apt. Have you watched honey bees cause a stampede amongst elephants? Think of Kanu as a honey bee.

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