Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Leader of IPOB (Indigenous Peoples of Biafra) got tongues wagging when he claimed that one Jubrin from Sudan is impersonating Buhari. Impersonators have been used by usually distasteful leaders, to put it mildly, who want to escape assassination. Saddam Hussein of Iraq had a doppelgänger that he used successfully to avoid assassination. Now is it being used to hoodwink Nigerians?

There are questions that must be answered satisfactorily by Buhari handlers or the Rev. Professor Yemi Osinbajo, an ordained minister. The Pastor cannot lie as the wages of sin is d…..

Here are the questions:
1. Why will President Muhammadu Buhari be ensconced in Abuja House, London while claiming to be sick?
2. If not cleared by his doctors to travel, why did Buhari or Jubrin leave London for Nigeria one day after an all-night demonstration by angry Nigerians in London?
3. Was the rat story fabricated to shield Jubrin, the Buhari impersonator from the prying eyes of Nigerians?
4. How long does it take to kill 3 rats in Buhari’s office and reclaim the office?
5. Why was a helipad built at Daura, Buhari’s hometown for 60 million Naira in a recession? The noise may also spoof the cows in Buhari’s farm.
6. Was this to surreptitiously move Jubrin without public interaction?
7. Why would Buhari be buying up grazing/farm land for his helicopter(s) and turn around to turn the country into a grazing field?
8. Why is the Presidency not refuting the Jubrin story but they have attacked the purveyors of less significant stories?
9. Why was Nnamdi Kanu’s residence attacked on September 13, 2017, two days prior to the official start of “Operation Python Dance II?”
10. Was this because he exposed Jubrin?
11. How many Executive Council Meetings have been cancelled by Jubrin Buhari?
12. Why has Jubrin Buhari repeatedly shunned public events?
13. Did Jubrin Buhari divert to London on his way back from New York after attending the United Nations General Assembly Meeting, to have his ear fixed?
14. Why is Buratai running the country and issuing orders?
15. Is Buratai higher than the Chief of Defense Staff, Olonisakin, a General?
16. Is Olonisakin about to play another Ogundipe?
17. When will senior Yoruba Army officers start standing up to lower ranking Hausa-Fulani officers? Nigerians needs them in this fight.
18. Do Ogundipe, Diya, and Kuti ring a bell?

Africastallestman is waiting for Femi Adesina, Alhaji Lie Mohammed, and Garba Shehu to provide the answers.

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