A group of jokers dressed in black gowns and wearing horse-hair wigs have called for the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyer, Ifeanyi Ejiofor, Esq. Reason: He is a member of IPOB (Indigenous Peoples of Biafra).

These compromised clowns under the aegis of Lawyers of Conscience (LAWCONS) and led by chief clown, Alhaji Babatunde Oladimeji should rightfully be called Lawyers of Corruption (LAWCORR). Alhaji Babatunde Oladimeji is an Afonja lawyer.

Biafra: Why Nigerian Government must arrest Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyer, others – Lawyers

Where were the consciences of these clowns when Buhari:
1. Instituted his 97/5 % rule.
2. Islamized and fulanized the Nigerian Armed Forces.
3. Islamized and fulanized the NNPC and all major parastatals and public corporations.
4. Deprived the South East of infrastructure.
5. Murdered peaceful protesters in the South East.
6. Spent half his tenure in a London hospital.
7. Routinely disobeys court orders.
8. Condones the massacre of Farmers and Christians by his Fulani herdsmen. He is the patron saint of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Rearers Association.
9. Steadfastly refuses to prosecute corrupt APC and Hausa-Fulani officials.
10. Builds a rail line to Daura
11. Builds a helipad in Daura.
12. Parks a government aircraft in London for months on end at a cost of £4000 per day.
13. Draws estacode and security votes while incapacitated.
14. Harasses the Judiciary with his Gestapo.
15. Ran for election without producing his WASC (West African School Certificate) result sheet.
16. Using a double to fool the Nation.
17. Having the Armed Forces do police duties.
18. Simultaneously fighting and paying Boko Haram to “release” Chibok girls
19. Repeatedly cancels Federal Executive Meetings.
20. Disregards the National Assembly as a dictator would.
21. Uses a double from Sudan.
22. Ordered 200 armored vehicles from Jordan to prosecute his Jihad.
23. Watched as Buratai murdered 347 Shias and scorned them during his testimony at the Human Rights Commission.
24. Played dumb when Dambazzau threatened to kill Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and that nothing will happen.
25. Chuckled as his Fulani Army tortured and killed IPOB members and buried their remains in mass graves.
26. Encouraged AREWA Adult Youths to issue a quit notice to the Igbos in Northern Nigeria.
27. Pays lip service to the restoration of the environment in the Niger Delta.
28. And […………………]

Africastallestman advises this group of inconsequential lawyers to cover their faces with their horse hair wig and scurry into oblivion. Anytime, any of them represents a rapist, murderer, armed robber, kidnapper, or any other person accused of a felony, they should be charged with the same crime. They should also go to school, preferably at night, to learn the definition of a terrorist/terrorist organization.

What a disgrace to their profession!

5 thoughts on “WHAT A LEGAL DISGRACE!

  1. If truly these are lawyers saying this, then the judiciary as an institution that should effect the checks and balances in a democracy is completely dead in Nigeria. This is the final blow!!!

  2. Laws and decrees have no meaning if there is no person or structure to uphold them. I have said it so many times, other than religion, the judiciary is one of the worse problems in Nigeria.

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