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Simon Kolawole: Ethnic pride and prejudice in Nigeria

Here is his warped analysis of the Igbos. He is either bigoted, ill informed, or both:

“So maybe Hausa/Fulani is the answer to the riddle? Or Igbo? I recently got entangled in a protracted but decent argument with a reader over my article, “Biafra is Not a Dirty Word” (May 28, 2017).

In it, I broached the possibility of a president from the south-east in 2019 to balance the national equation and continue the nation-building project. The reader objected furiously. She said she would never support an Igbo to become president. She said the Igbo think they are superior to everyone else “and that the rest of us are just making up the numbers”, reminding me that the Great Zik was quoted in 1949 as saying the Igbo were created “to lead the children of Africa from bondage”.
She referred to a statement attributed to Mr. Charles Onyeama, an Igbo lawyer and member of the central legislative council, in 1945 that “Igbo domination of Nigeria is only a matter of time”.

She argued that the central thesis in Prof. Chinua Achebe’s book, “There Was a Country”, is that Nigeria was making progress when Igbo were the ones calling the shots — “an arrogant suggestion that merit is an exclusive Igbo thing”. She added: “Achebe more or less said Nigeria was no longer a country because his Igbo brethren lost their strategic positions at federal level after the July 1966 countercoup. That is conceit undisguised.”

Sure, I am aware of the arguments being articulated against the Igbo by other ethnic groups, particularly the charge of clannishness.

They are often accused of seeking to dominate anywhere they operate. It is said that when an Igbo trader rents a shop, he will soon make sure all the surrounding shops are taken by fellow Igbo traders. I am aware of the accusation that Senator Anyim Pius Anyim filled his office with Igbo when he was secretary to the government of the federation, and that the financial sector was overwhelmingly Igbo when Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala was minister of finance. So, is Igbo your final answer to the riddle.”


Mr. Kolawole, you are hiding behind a she-reader to say untrue things about the Igbos. You should be brave enough to state your own views. Transference does not absolve you of your “sin” against the Igbos. If Igbo behavior is clannish, I wish that all Nigerians will be clannish. You may want to read the Willinks Commission Report on Igbo treatment of minorities in Eastern Nigeria. For a teaser, the Premier of Eastern Nigeria was Efik, the Chairman House of Chiefs, Efik; the Mayor of Enugu, Fulani; and the minorities got far more government scholarships in proportion to their population. Go figure.

Your she-reader is a jealous Nigerian. The truth hurts but it must be told. No nation prospers by not using its best materials. The agama lizard after falling from a high elevation unhurt, preceded to praise himself because no one praised him.
Igbo women revolted against British indirect taxation in 1929. Enugu coal miners revolted against their British overlords in 1949. The Boycott King, Mazi Mbonu Ojike is Igbo. Igbo slaves chained together walked into the sea off Simon’s Island in Georgia in 1803. They never were enslaved. They rather die than be slaves. Do you see a repeat in IPOB vs the Dancing Python?

Which other Nigerian tribe accomplished such feats?
Great Zik is an Onitsha Igbo that emigrated from Benin and the Binis emigrated from Yoruba land. The Onitsha (Onicha) people are becoming more and more Igbo by intermarriages. Therefore, Zik, a Yoruba, is stating that Igbos were created “to lead the children of Africa from bondage”. He is just validating the fighting spirit of the Igbos as the three examples above show.
He did not state anywhere that Igbos “are superior to everyone else.” By rehashing this falsehood, you are probably in agreement with your jaundiced reader.

Mr. Charles Onyeama was and is right. Despite being given 20 Naira by Obafemi Awolowo, confiscation of real estate, discrimination in University admissions, and employment, Igbos continue to excel through their own sweat. Other tribes are awarded contracts which are passed on to Igbo contractors after they skim off the profit.

The coastal tribes experienced education before the Igbos, but the Igbos caught up and exceeded every expectation.
The Igbo domination is real; they live in every town in Nigeria, they build in every town in Nigeria, and they engage in commerce in every town in Nigeria. No other Nigerian tribe can claim that distinction.

Africastallestman wishes that every tribe dominated in those areas as the Igbos do – live in every town in Nigeria, build in every town in Nigeria, and engage in commerce in every town in Nigeria. If they did, there would be no talk of restructuring. The Igbos build their own roads, provide their own water and electricity while the other tribes enjoy Nigeria’s commonwealth. Instead, envy and jealousy leads to intermittent killing of Igbos and destruction of their properties without compensation.
This is MMM (Maltreatment, Marginalization, and Murder).

If this is the same reader, she should go for hate therapy. If she is this hateful, her male counterparts will be murderous towards the Igbos. The British, despite hating the Igbos put them in strategic positions because of merit. Major General Johnson Thomas Umunnakwe Aguiyi-Ironsi, an Igbo soldier was made head of the Nigerian Army by the British. He was so “clannish” that he surrounded himself with Northern soldiers who killed him. All the Igbos in strategic positions were placed in those positions by the British prior to independence. “There was a country” based on merit. Under Buhari, no Igbo is fit to command a platoon of signal soldiers.

Anyone who desires one minute of fame would want to drag the revered Achebe name into their discourse. Water seeks its own level and Achebe is as heavy as Mercury in the literary world. He is unquestionable.

After the countercoup, merit was thrown to the winds and one head of state was so incompetent that he thought that Nigeria had so much money. Forty one years after he was deposed, Nigeria does not have any infrastructure that her citizens are proud of.

The Igbos are the least clannish of all the tribes in Nigeria. An Igbo President faced with a list of appointments would want to ensure ethnic balance. No President from another tribe will act similarly. An Igbo President will shortchange the Igbos so as not to be accused of being clannish. An Igbo President is the best President, Nigeria never had.

Igbos love making money. If a Yoruba trader – renter – wants to rent a shop from an Igbo trader – owner – and an Igbo trader – renter, wants the same space for less, the Igbo trader – owner – will rent to the Yoruba trader because Igbos “love” money.

How can an Igbo trader “make sure that all surrounding shops are taken by fellow Igbo traders?” Since Igbos “love” money, Igbos shall only rent to the highest bidders! Remember that these shops outside Igbo land are owned by Yoruba, Hausa, Ijaw, Ibibio, Mumuye etc landlords. How are the Igbo traders going to force the landlord to rent to only Igbos? I guess Igbos pay the full value of the shops.

Mr. Kolawole, stop trying to create a problem where there is none. The problem is that the other tribes are not as enterprising as the Igbos. It is a genetic thing and blame God for “cursing” Igbos with it.

How many people are in the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation? How can Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, a Federal Minister of Finance determine who sells stock at the Lagos Stock Exchange or who changes money in the “white market?”
Mr Simon Kolawole, please do your homework, observe due diligence, and remove your jaundiced glasses before analyzing the Igbos. Do not give a dog a bad name so you may hang it. IGBOS ARE NOT CLANNISH.


  1. Thank you so much. This is a well-rounded, well researched and knowledge-based rebuttal against societal destroyers, who believe in nothing, and have no ideas of their own, in terms of nation building strategies…moreover, when they remain confused by their ethnicity and their understanding of its workings.

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