Nigeria’s Attorney General, Alhaji Abubakar Malami Classifies Agitation Groups In Nigeria.

Nigeria’s Attorney General, Alhaji Abubakar Malami Classifies Agitation Groups In Nigeria.

1. AREWA: Ruling Group.
Either we rule or there is no peace in Nigeria.

2. BOKO HARAM: Terrorist Group.
Classified as a terrorist group by the United States in 2013 over the protestations of the AREWA Ruling Group.
The terrorist arm of the AREWA Ruling Group.

3. IPOB: Terrorist Group.
Most dangerous terrorist group in Nigeria. Raising the awareness of Nigerians to the marginalization, maltreatment, and murder (MMM) of non-AREWA Nigerians by the AREWA Ruling Group. They are unarmed with guns or bombs but their civil disobedience is more dangerous than atomic bombs.

4. OHANEZE: Noise Making Group.                                                                           Populated with AREWA sympathizers to undermine IPOB. They make noise, get paid off and they keep quiet.

5. NDVF, MEND, PANDEF: Anti-Terrorist Group.
Using sabotage of oil installations to fight the terrorism (environmental pollution, poverty, neglect, hunger, and death) visited upon them by the AREWA Ruling Group who own oil blocks situated in the Niger Delta.

6. OPC & AFENIFERE: Noise Making Groups.
All talk, no action. Controlled by Alhaji Bola Tinubu.

7. YELICOM: Internet Group.
Threatens to use chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, and acid on AREWA Ruling Group. The armored vehicles from Jordan will deal with them when they start protesting in the streets.

8. NIGERIAN (NORTHERN) ARMY: Terrorist Group.
Uses torture, whippings, and summary executions to deal with Nigerians protesting AREWA Ruling Group MMM in the open.

9. FULANI HERDSMEN: Criminal Group.
The criminal arm of the AREWA Ruling Group created to keep the peace between cows and people by killing people.

10. MBPF: Noise Making Group.
An arm of the AREWA Group created to hoodwink the suffering Middle Belt People. When AREWA Ruling Group roars, they hide in their huts.

11. SKPU: Noise Making Group.
As Fulani herdsmen pillage, rape, and murder their people, they have to make noise. They are outgunned and outnumbered and are of no significance.

AFENIFERE: Yoruba Political Group.
IPOB – Indigenous People of Biafra.
MBPF – Middlebelt Peoples Forum.
MEND – Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta.
NDVF – Niger Delta Volunteer Force.
OHANEZE – Igbo Political Group
OPC – Oodua Peoples Congress.
PANDEF: Pan Niger Delta Forum.
SKPU – Southern Kaduna Peoples Union.
YELICOM – Yoruba Liberation Movement.

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  1. Nigeria can never be serious. Unfortunately, the so called Igbo political leaders have no clue what Nigeria is all about. Little wonder they have abysmally failed their people and their mandate. Shame on them for betraying their people. In a clime where people have shame they would have resigned honorably because of their inability to protect and defend the lives of their subjects. By the way, how did a person like Alhaji Malami find his way to the position he is occupying with this kind of warped mind? I wonder!!!

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