Recently ex-Nigerian President Chief Lieutenant General Matthew Okikiola Aremu Obasanjo claimed that Nigerian State Governors are more powerful than President Muhammadu Buhari.
These are other Obasanjo’s beliefs:

Nigerian Governors more powerful than Nigeria’s President.
Nigerian Police stronger than Nigerian Army.
IPOB stronger than Nigerian Army.
Nigerian Goats stronger than Nigerian Cows.
Nigerian President takes orders from Nigerian Army.
Mosquito Bites good for Nigerians.

Nigerian Water more intoxicating than Nigerian Alcohol.
Nigerian Women stronger than Nigerian Men.
President Buhari controls The Cabal.
Fulani Herdsmen more powerful than the Nigerian Army.
Nigerian Rats, the most powerful in the World.
Importing Petroleum Products more economical than producing them Locally.

Landlines more expensive than Cellphones.
Electricity generated by Electric Generators, cheaper than Grid Electricity
Military uniform equivalent to *WASC.
Nigerian Police stronger than Boko Haram.
Fulani Herdsmen stronger than Boko Haram.
Automobiles faster on Bad Roads.

Naira is stronger than Dollar.
And True Federalism is stronger than Unitary Government!

Now you see why nothing was accomplished in Obasanjo’s 11 years as a military and civilian Head of State.

*West African School Certificate.

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