Healthcare is better handled by the States,
What an innovation!
What is good for healthcare,
Would be great for defense.
Excellent for education.
And wonderful for transportation.

Hypertension is not covered by Alaska,
Covered by Texas and New York.
Fibroids not covered by Mississippi,
Covered by California and Colorado.
Mental illness uncovered by Alabama and Arizona,
Covered by Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Hypertensive soldiers from Alaska,
Female soldiers pregnant with fibroids from Mississippi,
“Lunatic” soldiers from Alabama and Arizona,
Louisiana roads too narrow for military transport,
Michigan soldiers cannot read military manuals,
And death by friendly fire becomes the norm.

Why not devolve foreign policy to the States?
Texas would have taken care of North Korea.
Arizona would have invaded Mexico.
And Florida would have annexed Cuba.
Michigan overruns Canada.
And the nation will be united in disorder.

The United States of America,
Becomes the United States of Anarchy.
And anarchy is a key ingredient,
To making America great again.
Only weak nations have universal health coverage,
But better health outcomes than America.

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