Nigeria declares IPOB (Independent People of Biafra), a terrorist organization on September 20, 2017. Jordan donates 200 armored vehicles to Nigeria on September 21, 2017 with promises of helicopters and training. Jordan’s Air Force Chief visits Nigeria on September 25, 2017 to discuss coordination of anti-terrorist activities with Nigeria. Ostensibly these “donations” are meant to fight Boko Haram. But who are they hoodwinking?

Biafra: Nigerian government publishes IPOB’s declaration as terrorist group

Meanwhile the peacekeeping group, Fulani herdsmen, continue to keep peace between cattle and people by killing people. Not one of these terrorists has been killed or apprehended by the Fulani Nigerian Army.

Jordan is an Islamic Royal Hashemite Kingdom. Jordan’s first King, Emir Abdullah I was installed by the British. He was the Othman Dan Fodio of Jordan. Like the Fulani descendants of Othman Dan Fodio who are born to rule in Nigeria, they have continued to rule Jordan since its founding in 1921. The British handed over Nigeria to the Fulani descendant of Othman Dan Fodio, Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello in 1960.

Jordan is a third world country that depends on the US for military aid. That a third world country that goes begging for foreign military aid is giving military aid to another third world country is fraught with malicious intentions. Boko Haram founded in 2002 has been terrorizing Nigeria since 2009. Because Jordan is a third world country, it never knew about Boko Haram that was declared a terrorist organization by the US in 2013.

However as soon as IPOB was illegally declared a terrorist organization by the Fulani government of Nigeria headed by President Emir Muhammadu Buhari, Jordan donates military hardware to Nigeria the next day. Interestingly, the leader of IPOB is a declared practitioner of Judaism. Muslims fighting IPOB are also fighting Israel.

Jordan is a poor country. The donation of armored vehicles are likely coming from Saudi Arabia, another Islamic Kingdom where Othman Dan Fodio-type rulers, have ruled since 1930. First Saudi King, Abdulaziz created the kingdom after a series of Uthman Dan Fodio-like conquests between 1902 and 1927.

Saudi Arabia is the first Sunni Caliphate in the world. It is no coincidence that ISIS calls its territory a Caliphate. Saudi Wahhabi teachers continue to churn out terrorists every day. The terrorists who destroyed the World Trade Center came from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia finances ISIS or DAESH, it finances Rohingya rebels in Myanmar, Muslim rebels in Philippines, and now the Jihadist Buhari regime in Nigeria.

A captured Jordanian pilot was roasted alive in Raqqa, Syria, by ISIS in 2015. The Kurdish Peshmerga fighters are presently battling ISIS, which is a world recognized terrorist organization, in Raqqa. The Peshmerga need armored military vehicles in Raqqa where there are paved roads. The Fulani-controlled Nigerian Army does not need armored vehicles in the Sambisa forest where Boko Haram is headquartered. Aba and Umuahia in South East Nigeria and other cities in Southern Nigeria have paved roads. Watch out for those armored vehicles mowing down peaceful unarmed IPOB loyalists in South East Nigeria.

These vehicles are meant to advance the Islamic Jihad of Christian Southern Nigeria, starting from the South East and extending to the South South and South West. Saudi Arabia is financing this Jihad through Jordan. Any Shias opposing this Jihad are also marked for elimination. There is an Islamic Jihadic Conspiracy against Nigerian Christians and Jews.

Christians, you are an endangered species in Nigeria. The West brought Christianity to you, but they would arm your Islamic killers. There are two choices: convert to Islam or look elsewhere for help as your Christian benefactors will always go with the money. Money is the only moral value that the West has.

Africastallestman urges Nigerian Christians and Jews to start looking for new friends or they would soon be extinct.

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