There are two ways to detribalize a country. One is to have everyone think in terms of nation rather than tribe. The other method is to eliminate other tribes. The Buhari-Tinubu administration has decided to choose the later method.


Nigerians prayed, fasted, and tithed to banish tribalism,
Add crusades, jihads, pilgrimages, revivals, and prayer warriors.
Tribalism persisted and impeded Nigeria’s progress.
Enter the APC and the Buhari-Tinubu Alliance.
As “detribalism” replaces tribalism,
Recession replaces economic growth.

Tribalized NNPC chock full of Igbo, Tiv, Yoruba, and Ibibio tribes,
“Detribalized” to Hausa-Fulani by Buhari.
DSS controlled by Kanuri, Gwari, and Utonkon elements,
“Detribalized” to Hausa-Fulani by Buhari.
Security agencies and service chiefs headed by different tribes,
“Detribalized” to Hausa-Fulani by Buhari.

Federal parastatals headed by a multitude of tribes,
“Detribalized” to Hausa-Fulani.
Presidential Cabal “detribalized” to Hausa-Fulani.
Aso Rock rats “detribalized” to Hausa-Fulani.
Abuja mosquitoes “detribalized” to Hausa-Fulani.
Now, people, rats, and mosquitoes want tribalism back.

Well, you asked for “detribalism” and there is no going back.
Do you realize that detribalism means the supremacy of one tribe?
The next Yoruba President can detribalize to Yoruba.
With the pythons ensnaring the Igbos,
They can forget Igbo detribalization.
And the crocodile is smiling at the decimated South South.

Detribalized Nigerians extol Fulani hegemony.
Tribalized Nigerians protest Fulani hegemony.
Most Nigerians extol genuine detribalism in public,
And protest Buhari-style detribalism in private.
Most yearn for a return to tribalism,
And a more equitable distribution of the National Cake.

Soon the lion will be prancing in the South West,
Postponing Yoruba detribalism.
Yorubas are patient as long as their leaders are happy.
Ask Dambazzau about dissenters?
When we come for you, nothing will happen.
Don’t count on it, detribalized President.

Something may happen this time!

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