Some people suggest that other tribes should send delegations to beg the Tinubu-Buhari Administration for crumbs. Africastallestman disagrees, Nigeria must be restructured. No nation prospers by begging.


Sir, here they come again,
Igbo beggars again!
Begging should not be a Northern occupation.
By 2019, every tribe like the Hausa-Fulani will be beggars.
Let the equality start from begging.
Dambazzau, is Nnamdi Kanu still alive?

I will use 97/5 percent in governance.
Sir, your maths is wrong, who gets two percent?
The Igbos get minus two percent.
“Oga, Oga, wetin Igbos do you?”
Buratai, did you hear that?
Yes Sir, “Operation Python Dance.”

Begging Buhari is akin to begging a prostitute for free sex.
Surely obliging means a slow painful death for the prostitute.
Not only is Buhari freely enjoying himself,
He is forcefully doing so without payment.
And condemning the Igbos to a slow painful death.
The python metaphor is indeed poignant.

Ask Nigerian beggars, begging since independence,
And still begging 57 years after independence.
Region of beggars is the region of poverty.
Oppressors prefer alms giving to equity, justice, fairness, and development,
Feeding one thousand beggars preferred to building one thousand schools.
One thousand thank yous preferred to one thousand graduates.

The prostitute has to remove the “raper forcefully.”
Clocks do not run backwards.
Raping time means lost income.
Raping of the Igbos by Buhari may leave a lasting indelible mark,
On Igbo pride, courage, resilience, industry, innovation, and resourcefulness.
Igbos, is this your desire?

Igbos look beyond yourself and family.
The future of your tribe is at risk.
Let Igbos unite and throw overboard this monstrous ogre.
If you wait on someone to throw the yoke off you,
You may wait forever.
Start the struggle and surely the other tribes will join……

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