President Muhammadu Buhari whilst publicly and vehemently condemning restructuring has been secretly preparing the North for restructuring. Oil exploration has been intensifying in the Lake Chad Basin despite the dangers of terrorism. Boko Haram recently decimated a drilling party based at the University of Maiduguri. Some are still in captivity.

After the oil in the South South and South East are drilled dry, to build Northern infrastructure, the oil in the North will belong to the North exclusively. But there is a problem. The educationally challenged North does not have the skilled and professional staff to run the new Northern Nigerian Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

Buhari is repeating the same mistakes of Sir Alhaji Ahmadu Bello. Instead of installing his kinsmen at the bottom rungs of the oil industry, he is promoting them to management level positions without the requisite education, experience, and skills. The North is still mired in poverty because of the Ahmadu Bello policies.

The Nigerian oil industry will experience a turbulent period as these Northern appointees learn on the job. The South East is completely shut out of management and current South East managers retired. Reason: They have acquired the knowledge to run the oil industry in Biafra.

Whilst some people may see Buhari as an irredentist nepotist, he thinks that he is preparing for the inevitable restructuring. He is doing it the wrong way as the oil in the Lake Chad Basin may be inadvertently diverted to Niger Republic and the Republic of Chad by his hastily and haphazardly trained management.

This Buharization of the public sector will end up costing the North as persons with highfaluting titles but no substance are deployed to run the new Northern Nigerian Petroleum Corporation. There are instances where Southern subordinates who are more skilled and knowledgeable than their Northern counterparts, unjustly promoted into management positions, have vowed to mislead or withhold information from their new bosses. The era of “monkey dey work, baboon dey chop,” may soon be over. Some Southern employees of the NNPC who are fluent in Hausa are changing their names to Hausa- Fulani names and converting to Islam to improve their chances of securing senior management positions in the NNPC. One mid-level manager named Adams Youbaitongha, an Ijaw Methodist, has changed his name to Adamu Yusuf and is now a Sunni Muslim currently in Mecca for the Hajj.

Full names of the NNPC new managers appointed yesterday are as follows:
1. Malami Shehu, – MD Port Harcourt Refining Company
2. Muhammed Abah, – MD Warri Refinery
3. Umar Ajiya, – MD of NPMC
4. Bala Wunti, – GGM CP&S
5. Usman Yusuf, – GMD STA. (Tech)
6. Ahmadu-Katagum – GGM Shipping (Downstream)
7. Kallamu Abdullahi – GGM Renewable Energy Division
8. Shaibu Musa – MD NNPC Medical Services Limited
9. Ibrahim Birma – GGM Governance, Risk & Compliance Division
10. Farouk Ahmed – MD Product Mkg – Retiring
1. Adewale Ladenegan, – MD Kaduna Refinery
2. Adeyemi Adetunji, – MD NNPC Retail
3. Bola Afolabi, – GGM Research & Development
1. Roland Ewubare – Group General Manager
2. Diepriye Tariah – MD of IDSL
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2. –
3. –
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