Insular, hypocritical, scheming, industrious and duplicitous.
Selfish, brave, resilient, and enterprising,
Masters of intrigue and cloak and dagger diplomacy.
Popularized gunboat diplomacy.
Will sacrifice long term relationships for self-interest.

Uninspiring cuisine, uninspiring couture,
Legendary bad dentition,
Could it result from overindulgence,
In the proverbial fish and chips, and ale,
Maybe scientists can unravel the cause.

Carved territories worldwide without regard to culture, religion or people,
To foment trouble, unrest, and stall development.
Created, refined, and mastered the policy of divide and rule,
That advanced British interests by light years,
But left former territories with a legacy of continual strife.

Preaches unity to disparate groups,
But shunned European Union by popular vote.
Still wants all benefits through the backdoor,
Luckily Europe has caught up to their sinister game.
The student is now the teacher.

Losing her imperiality to newer powers,
Clings to America as a tick on a deer,
To retain some world relevance,
Of course buoyed by the UN veto,
And a stockpile of antiquated nuclear arsenal.

As your foreign and Muslim population burgeons,
Your social fabric will start unraveling,
As resources are diverted to terrorism and multiculturalism.
Just as you disrupted peaceful nations by forced amalgamation,
So will your nation be disrupted.

The chickens have indeed finally come home to roost.
It is payback time!

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