Are there life legislators from the South South, South East, South West and North Central in the Nigerian Senate and Federal House of Representatives? Apparently, there are none. Those zones have sent sycophantic, tainted, and compromised silhouettes of politicians to Abuja to represent them. How can such a sorry bunch keep mute in the midst of a massive transfer of Nigeria’s wealth and resources to the North East and North West regions of Nigeria?

Acts of commission or omission in the fair and equitable distribution of Nigeria’s resources and entitlements are being codified by the morally and irredeemably corrupt Buhari Administration. Such political, economic, and social malfeasance and marginalization, unseen during the illegal military governments, are now commonplace in Nigeria. What are the hopeless, toothless, and useless legislooters from those zones doing? Are they so tainted with so many skeletons in their cupboards that they cannot raise a single motion condemning the dastardly acts of the Buhari Administration? Acts that contravene our extant laws and flawed constitution.

Since you are elected on the basis of the flawed 1999 Military Constitution, you should ensure that the Buhari Administration adheres to the provisions of that constitution. Muhammadu Buhari is a sick old man and not a General in the Army. If the Buhari compromised legislooters gag you, disrupt the House and Senate, engage in verbal, and if possible physical fights. After all, remember that you are fighting for the survival of your constituents.

If you cannot fight for your constituents, you should pack your bags and return to your constituents. Currently the South South, South East, South West, and North Central have no representation in the Senate and Federal House of Representative. If your constituents return you to Abuja in 2019, they have themselves to blame for their continued marginalization, maltreatment, and murder.

Africastallestman recommends that the zones throw out the sorry bunch in 2019. In the interim, your constituents shall initiate the recall process as two more years of suffering under your non-representation is intolerable.

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