Two Ghanaians were overheard chatting in a bus in Accra.

Kwame: “Do you know that cows go to school in Nigeria?”

Kwesi: “You must be joking.”

Kwame: “No, there is this video on the internet. The cows drove the pupils away and sat in the classrooms to be taught. They will not leave until they were educated.”

Kwesi: “We are complaining of smart Nigerians taking our jobs. Now Nigeria will be exporting cow doctors, cow lawyers, and cow scientists to Ghana. They will work for little or no pay. Just give them grass.”

Kwame: “Nobody’s job is safe in Ghana anymore. As an ECOWAS member, Nigeria can export cows to Ghana duty-free”

Kwesi: “Cows are already more important than people in Nigeria. Kill one cow and the Fulani cow herder will kill 200 of your relatives.”

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