Reading Alhaji Lie Mohammed’s idea of restructuring, I felt like cursing but restrained myself. These are his ideas:
1. “Federal Government had drawn a red line on hate speech saying that any breaches would be met with requisite sanctions.”
2. “For the Federal Government restructuring means devolution of power.”
3. “Restructuring means for the Federal Government a system whereby government’s policies and programmes can reach everybody at the grassroots.”
4. “For us, restructuring means ability that will allow you to deliver and in our own way, we have started.”
5. “The Acting President (then) issued an order to the police that they should start implementing community policing; that is one aspect of restructuring that we believe will deliver better criminal justice.”
6. “We as a government we look at our constitution as it is today and we follow strictly what the constitution says, and in applying the constitution we look at practical ways of reaching out to people.”
7. “The constitution is the groundnorm today, that is the basis of our being together and you cannot today as a government do anything that is contrary to that Constitution because that is the supreme law of the country.”
8. “So, even when you talk about restructuring you may need to amend certain provisions of the constitution, and we all know how cumbersome it is to do that.”
9. “But we are not averse to genuine grievances, we are ready to look at them, but what the government cannot do is to react to the cacophony of voices.”

The hidden messages are:
1. Restructuring demands not accented to by the APC is hate speech.
2. Power will be devolved to local police and military commanders to deal with dissent. Recently a governor pulverized dissenters in his capital with a police-military-militia force against a subsisting court order. What is good for Abuja is good for Owerri. Abuja does not respect court orders. Did anyone mention APC’s Okorocha?
3. Whatever that means.
4. Delivering infrastructure to the North and suffering to the South East and South South.
5. Deploy police at the community level to apprehend violators of the nonexistent hate speech law.
6. The illegal constitution written by Northern military officers is immutable. Maybe the country should be handed over to the military framers of the constitution to run.
7. The Supreme Military Council is best qualified to run a military constitution.
8. It is not possible for civilians to amend what they did not write.
9. The genuine demands for restructuring is a “cacophony of voices.”

What is this minister smoking, in addition to oxygen? It is about time that the entire, ineffective, inefficient, uncommunicative, and moribund Buhari cabinet is retired. Restructuring is a National and not an APC issue. It is the responsibility of all political parties, the deaf, dumb, blind, gay, straight, and crooked Nigerians.

Africastallestman is still wondering how Nigeria got into this deep shit.


  1. Apc is already on their way out of power to give space for restructuring by Nigerian people. They have failed in all their promises including restructuring.

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