Fulani cows trample and eat your farm crops

You protest and you are killed and disemboweled by Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen

Your family is not compensated for your death and property losses

Your family buys Fulani cows that were fattened by your crops, ex-gratis

Further enriching the Fulani Jihad that is slowly proceeding to the Atlantic Ocean

Your untimely death is celebrated with Fulani cows fattened by your crops.

Why would non-Fulani Nigerians continue to eat Fulani cows that do not contribute to the Nigerian tax base?

The Foreign Fulanis have found Xanadu in Nigeria, while

Nigerians are living in Death Valley, that each new month is celebrated with fanfare.

Who wouldn’t be glad to survive one month of hunting by Terrorists armed with AK-47s?

What a population of spineless and gutless individuals?

Only FOOLS will subsidize and celebrate their own deaths.

Are Nigerians this stupid? Maybe!


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