Obasanjo Squandered His Chances To Implement Restructuring And Should Retire To Enjoy His Spoils.

Obasanjo Squandered His Chances To Implement Restructuring And Should Retire To Enjoy His Spoils.

Obasanjo in a recent Channels TV interview in South Africa following an “African Leadership Forum” meeting condemned demands for a restructured Nigeria. A more apt caption for this meeting will be “African Lootership Forum.” The African looters gathered in South Africa are collectively wealthier than Africa.

He mentioned six divergent views on restructuring expressed to him by six different persons and another group that approached him with a nonsensical proposal. Obasanjo never gave details about those views but rambled about nostalgia for independence, post-independence, and tribal independence. How can one be nostalgic for what they never experienced? The most ardent agitators for restructuring were born in the 1970’s and 1980’s and never experienced pre-, post- or tribal independence. Their agitation for restructuring evolved from mismanagement by you and your ilk.

Those views dismissed perfunctorily by Chief Olusegun Matthew Okikiola Aremu Obasanjo are probably light years ahead of Obasanjo’s prescription for ending marginalization, maltreatment, and murder in Nigeria. These are the 3 Ms or MMM. Currently, Buhari is marginalizing the South, maltreating the South East, and keeping mute while his Fulani kinsmen murder all over Nigeria.

Obasanjo’s cure for Nigeria’s malaise in lieu of restructuring are:
1. More inclusiveness.
2. Restructuring our mentality.
3. Restructuring our minds.
4. Restructuring our understanding of Nigeria.
5. “Every Nigerian feeling a sense of having a stake in the country.”

The real reasons that Obasanjo does not want restructuring are:
1. He owns oil blocks through proxies.
2. An unrestructured Nigeria made possible Obasanjo’s Presidential Library through patronage.
3. Obasanjo’s massive multi-state land ownership would be revoked under a restructured Nigeria.
4. Only in an unrestructured Nigeria can a domestic servant of Obasanjo become a dollar billionaire in 8 years without any business ownership.
5. A unitary unrestructured Nigeria can never be inclusive.

Restructuring Nigeria: Obasanjo Rejects Calls, Advocates Change Of Minds – https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&persist_app=1&noapp=1&v=KWPB4nONc0g

Obasanjo led Nigeria for 11 years and had ample opportunities to practice his preaching. If Obasanjo had awarded oil blocks to every Nigerian family as he did to his servants, friends, sycophants, and concubines, there would be no clamoring for restructuring as every Nigerian will be a billionaire. Mbok!

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