Mostly Caucasian with a few sprinklings of Black, Brown, Red and Yellow.
Out goes the animal horse,
In comes the metal horse,
Disguised in many colors to confuse the human cows,
Who ride their own iron horses.
But can’t compete with more powerful and faster modern Urban cowboys’ horses.

Dressed in black, blue, or brown khakis,
Plying the black trails at great speeds,
Instilling fear in mostly Black cows,
Creating excuses to stop, frisk, and detain,
Sometimes planting evidence, to cover their malfeasance,
And confusing prosecutors, judges, and juries at will.

The modern Urban cowboys occupy the fast lane of the black trails,
Block traffic at dangerous points,
To intimidate and apprehend marked Black cows.
Any protest may be met by a hail of bullets.
Shoot and ask questions later.
Prosecutors and juries always defer to Urban cowboys.

Why the cowboy hats or Stetson?
Connects the old and new.
Isn’t stalk, lasso, and confine,
Same as stalk, litigate, and confine?
Human prisons replace animal pens.
Same result, liberty denied.

Protect and serve the White cow owners,
Metamorphoses into intimidate and arrest,
The errant mostly Black cows, to appease the White cow owners.
Black cows are likely to offend under the “law,”
White cows rarely offend and can roam freely,
Convicted Black cows serve longer sentences than White cows for similar offenses.

Body cams, car cams offed at crucial moments.
Sans digital evidence, intimidation and humiliation continues.
Lives are extinguished, hopes dashed, futures blighted,
As Urban Cowboy lives are more important than any life, more so Black cows’.
“I feared for my life” becomes an irrefutable evidence.
Urban cowboy lives are irreplaceable.

Where is the world heading to?
Do the lives of black cows really matter?
Is something wrong with this picture?
No, if you are a Hatist and Racist.
Yes, if you are a Human and Humanist.
Humanists treat all cows equally!


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