African leaders consider questioning leadership an insult, and their followers/praise singers call it a treasonable felony. As soon as a nonentity assumes a leadership position in Africa by hook or crook or both, he/she becomes a demigod. Immediately the leader transforms into an all-knowing oracle that is above reproach. Any criticism, no matter how constructive and innocuous, is deemed disrespectful. Disagreements on policy, principle, and procedure are deemed insulting. These objections, which may be violations of the constitution of the office holder are brushed aside as irritants. Constitutions and bylaws are not made for demigods.

Any criticism of an African leader is evil. Leadership is strengthened not weakened by robust constructive debates. Tell that to African dictators. African sycophants and professional praise singers will publicly lynch anyone who questions a leadership decision. Why? Because he/she has our mandate. Is it a mandate to mislead or lead? African businesses and countries go bankrupt because their leaders adopt an authoritarian leadership style bereft of knowledge or insight. Sycophancy breeds authoritarianism and authoritarianism in a clueless dictator is a lethal combination for any enterprise. So authoritarian, that no one dares confront a leader with the fact that he/she is leaking excreta from the butt. In fact, leaking excreta from the butt may become the new trend.

Is there any wonder that Africa breeds more dictators than other continents excepting the feudal Middle East? Some have argued that democracy, whatever that means is alien to Africa. Once a dictator is installed in Africa, there are sham, tightly orchestrated, and rigged elections certified by foreign observers as credible. Yes, credible, because foreign powers love dictators who love them. Africa will continue to be in the doldrums of economic, political, and social emancipation until the role of dissent is fully accepted, appreciated, and celebrated.

Could sycophancy and praise singing be part of the African genetic defect? Africastallestman is convinced that genetics play a role in the “African way.” The dissenting great Western and Eastern philosophers respected but questioned leadership that augured in our present civilization.

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