At the meeting of the National Economic Council, NEC) held at Abuja, on 17th of August 2017, the Acting Presidential Coordinator Yemi Osinbajo warned that hate speech constitutes terrorism. While not giving examples of hate speech, it is rumored that the DSS (Department of State Security) will start jailing violators indefinitely. They will also disregard any court orders to release the accused persons.

Below are some examples of hate speeches:

Any speech:
1. Inquiring about President Muhammadu Buhari’s diagnosis.
2. Questioning why a government aircraft is parked in London.
3. Exposing the amount of money spent for an undisclosed illness that could be treated by an herbalist or Pentecostal Evangelist.
4. Tasking the security forces to apprehend murderous Fulani herdsmen.
5. Protesting the President’s paid furlough.
6. Asking where the recovered money is.
7. Wondering why the Chibok girls from Sambisa Forest are plump, while the women in the IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps are skeletal.
8. Cautioning Alhaji Lai Mohammed to stick to the truth.
9. Demanding your own oil block.
10. Suggesting that Buhari returns or resigns.
11. Demanding a restructuring or division of the country.
12. Contains Nnamdi Kanu or IPOB.
13. Urging the security agencies to arrest Arewa Youth leaders.
14. Alleging marginalization.
15. Challenging the preponderance of Fulanis from Katsina in high profile Federal Government positions.
16. That mentions Federal Character.
17. Using mumu or mugu.
18. Hinting that Buhari should not run in 2019.
19. Attributing the recession to the APC Government.
20. Addressing Charly Boy as Charly Man.
21. Mentioning the construction of a second Niger Bridge.
22. Constructing new roads or rehabilitating existing roads in the South East.

Offenders risk a six-month imprisonment with hard labor. The hard labor will be manual grass cutting at Aso Rock as part of a prison chain gang.

One thought on “HATE SPEECH

  1. The punishment is good. Cutting grass no other place than Aso Rock. The offender will have the privilege of having a good view of Aso Rock and maybe commit felony. We all know the consequences.

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