What unites every current terrorist?
Is it country of origin?
No, they come from different countries.
Is it race?
No every race is represented.
Is it religion?
Yes, Islam is the common religion.

The fight against terrorism,
Can only be won by religious intervention.
Distinguishing between good and bad Muslims,
Labeling us and them,
Radicalization and non-radicalization,
Tolerance and intolerance,
Only adds heat to the solution.

Terrorism can only be solved through Islam.
The Old Testament is as vile, vicious, and murderous,
As the Quran.
But the New Testament fixed the mayhem,
Of the Old Testament.
The Quran bereft of a New Testament, continues to fuel violence,
Imagine what annotations will do?

Annotations explaining the Prophet’s utterances,
Were meant for his audience,
Not present day audiences.
Annotations that humanize other faiths.
Annotations broadcast daily by Imams in every mosque.
Annotations that may spare us the carnage wrought by Islamic terrorists.
May the dialogue begin.

When one is indoctrinated to die for a cause,
No weaponry can fight indoctrination.
Un-indoctrination is the only cure for indoctrination.
Islamic terrorists are embedded in every society,
Bidding their time and planning mayhem.
The time bomb ticking in their brains,
Must be switched off by the implanters – Imams.

Time bombs are defused,
Not ignited by firearms, bombs, or rhetoric.
Can we engage the terrorists and their sponsors,
In meaningful dialogue without preconditions?
Both terrorists and the terrorized,
Must dismount their high moral horses,
And begin a dialogue.


  1. Yes! Indoctrination is the root of this evil!!
    Un- indoctrination can only be attempted by people of same faith who truely see this as a problem. Are there people like that? The world is in for an un-ending fight!

    1. While the Jews rejected Jesus as a Savior, his teachings influenced them. The Jews are peaceful when you leave them alone. When attacked, they use the Old Testament or Torah for retaliation.

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