President Muhammadu Buhari is barking orders in Hausa and English,
From his sickbed in London,
Through Mallam Garba Shehu, his mouthpiece.
Actor, or is it, Acting President Yemi Osinbajo ,
Is releasing press briefings,
Through Femi Adesina, his spokesperson.
Buhari chooses when to speak.
Boko Haram kills 200 in Borno State.
No comment.
Masked gunmen kill 13 in Anambra State.
Culprits must be tracked, captured, and executed.
Is there a political message here?
Governor Aregbesola’s mum dies, Buhari reacts.
Governor Obiano’s mum dies,
Buhari keeps mum.
Aisha Buhari gets out of the other room and condoles Obiano.
I forgot that Buhari is President of APC Nigeria.
Aregbesola is APC and Obiano is AGPA.
Osinbajo also talked tough on the Ozubulu massacre.
Who is really in charge of Nigeria?
Is it London (Buhari) or Abuja (Osinbajo)?
Does Coordinating the Presidency ring a bell?
Letter to Senate by Buhari on exit, described Osinbajo as a Coordinator,
Consequently Buhari is running Nigeria from London through his Coordinator.
Any questions?
Yea, why is Ozubulu on everyone’s radar?
More people are killed by Boko Haram every hour.
Are these killings politically motivated?
Is this new found Igbo love,
An attempt to upstage IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu?
As the Igbo say,
“You cannot hid a pregnancy forever.”
Sooner or later the bulge will show.
Ozubulu massacre as investigated and solved,
By social media as a drug war.
May turn to be something different.
As usual Africastallestman is watching from his vantage point.

4 thoughts on “WHO IS IN CHARGE?

  1. This is the story of Alice in the Wonderland…Buhari uses words and gives them his personal meaning…who knows why he called the substantive Vice President of Nigeria, a Coordinator in his letter.

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