A dictator is a dictator, is a dictator.
A communist dictator,
Is unrestrained by the Politburo.
A democratic dictator,
Is unrestrained by Politicians.
Add youthful exuberance to political naivety,
A communist dictator becomes an incendiary device.
Add political debauchery to “conservatism,”
A democratic dictator becomes a lightning rod.
Meanwhile, the nuclear devices are ready to be ignited.
Did someone say during the Presidential Campaign,
That nuclear devices are meant to be used?
That one now has the nuclear codes.
Has that one not pushed all his campaign promises?
And now has a “mad dog” as Defense Secretary?
As Pyongyang spits out fire,
Washington responds with fiery fury,
And the world watches,
As Nuclear Armageddon approaches.
Are there any adults in the house?
A Nuclear Armageddon will envelope,
The whole world war,
Not just North Korea and America.
North Korea has little to lose except penury and starvation,
America will lose the most as the most prosperous nation on Earth.
Once again, are there adults in the house?
Especially in Washington, Berlin, London, Tokyo, Beijing, Moscow, Paris, and Seoul?
Current saber rattling between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un,
Is Reality and not Reality TV.
Instead of being fired, we are all going to be fried.
Africastallestman is off to buy potassium iodide tablets,
And refurbish his nuclear shelter with fresh supplies.

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