We have tried bombing, droning, invasion, and other measures, yet the problem of terrorism persists. Has anyone ever talked to the terrorists in a conducive and congenial environment? If somebody has, we will want to know their demands. Can they be accommodated in some fashion?

If they want a state that is primordial, the money spent on fighting terrorism will more than suffice to buy and reserve a portion of the Sahara, Gobi, Atacama, Kalahari, Tabernas, or Australian deserts for terrorists. Air conditioning can be provided but may be declined because it is Western Technology.

Countries that breed terrorism will hold referenda on terrorism. If the majority is terrorist, the whole country is condoned off from the rest of the world. No trade, travel, communications, or any international interaction with the terrorist state. If the majority votes non-terrorist, the terrorists are given an option to relocate to a desert terrorist state. Terrorists who desire to a leave a non-terrorist state are provided with free transportation and $10,000.00 (ten thousand dollars) to move to one of desert terrorist states.

The money spent on relocating terrorists will pale compared to the stupendous amounts spent on fighting terrorism that ends in the pockets of the one percent that are already overloaded with money. They would not notice the income drop caused by diversion to the terrorist states.

Africastallestman urges the Western Governments and the one percent to consider this simple proposal. The extra money you earn from terrorism is not worth the bloodshed wrought on your citizens by terrorists. Since you have private jets, private yachts, private cinemas, and private beaches, you are immune from terrorist attacks.

Africastallestman doubts that there will not be any foreseeable change in indirect support for terrorism by the purveyors of anti-terrorist personnel, equipment, and training, because the profit is huge and easy. Who would want to oppose those fighting terrorism and terrorists? They pontificate that terrorism is a national security issue and no expenditure is too great to fight terrorism. Whether they created the terrorist problem or not, the benefactors will never support a political solution to terrorism. It is akin to marketing to physicians, a cure-all pill, which will eliminate them.

Terrorism is a lucrative business for the terrorists and anti-terrorists. The terrorists demand ransoms for their kidnapped victims, sell state resources, and collect terrorist taxes. The anti-terrorists supply arms, ammunition, surveillance equipment to governments fighting terrorism and terrorists. It is a win-win situation for the terrorists and the anti-terrorists but a lose-lose situation for the citizens. The citizens are denied basic services, are in a state of heightened insecurity, and are poorer.

Terrorism shall not abate until the world applies a political cum religious solution. Africastallestman is watching as usual from his high perch.

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