The Fulanis left their Futa Jallon foothills on a murderous jihad. They have conquered the Hausa, Yoruba, and Middle Belt. They will not give up until the South East and South South are conquered. To this end, Fulani Jihadists disguised as herdsmen are being dispatched from Senegal, Niger, Mali, … to clobber the unconquered Nigerians into submission.

Islamization of the South East will never happen and the Fulanis will never give up. The stage is set for continued tension, strife and killings. Aba women rebelled against the British authorities, Enugu coal miners rebelled against their British overlords and Africastallestman does not see the South East submitting to Hausa-Fulani hegemony. Every Igbo will have to be killed before there is an Emir of Awka or Sultan of Aba.

The entrenchment of Islamic Sharia Law into the Nigerian Constitution and implementation of Sharia Law in Hausa-Fulani controlled states is an impediment to national unity. Africastallestman does not see the Jihadist Fulanis agreeing to a dismantlement of their quasi-theocracy.

The unraveling of this political gossamer called Nigeria either on a religious or tribal basis is the only solution to a long lasting peace. Tribes with similar affinities are free to form their own countries. Religion can also be used to create states or regions. Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Traditional Religion, Atheism can be used to delineate states.

Nigeria must send a clear message to the Fulanis that the South East, South South, South West, and North Central are not grazing grounds. Grazing should be confined to the North East and North West. Cows should be transported by rail and road to the South.

Nigerians should take a stand against these modern jihadists. If Othman Dan Fodio did not conquer the South East, the modern day jihadists will not achieve the feat either.

Unity implies unity of purpose, respect for differences, enthronement of merit, fair play, justice, and equity. When one group — Fulani — tries to subjugate the other groups and label hegemony as unity, there are bound to be pushbacks.

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