BOYCOTT ALL BOYCOTTABLES.”Anyone who asks for an explanation of the headline needs to take a crash course in Nationalism and Africanism. That slogan became popular thanks to the popular young Nigerian politician, Mazi Mbonu Ojike. An unpretentious, authentic, ramrod straight nationalist, he fought the British colonists in the liberation of Nigeria. You fight your oppressors by boycotting their instruments of oppression.

Elections in present Nigeria are used to legitimize illegalities such as the phantom security votes and illegal pension scheme for ex-governors. These governors are earning salaries as senators while collecting humongous amounts as pensions. This would be anathema to Mbonu Ojike. Why steal from your people as the colonists?

Remembering Ojike, ‘the boycott king’

Do boycotts work? They do. Ask the people of Montgomery, Alabama, USA, about the Rosa Park’s inspired bus boycott in 1956. It marked an epoch in the Civil Rights Movement. The contribution of the boycott to the passage of the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 and the Voting Rights Bill of 1965 are inestimable.

In a recent speech to the Anambra Sate House of Assembly, Chief Nnia Nwodo, Jr., the Ohaneze boss, pointed out the pre-eminent position of Anambra State in Igbo politics. To whom much is given, much is expected. Anambra is thus in the best position to boycott the November 2017 gubernatorial election. An election to sustain the current master-servant relationship is objectionable. As Mazi Mbonu Ojike will put it, “Boycott the Anambra November 2017 Gubernatorial Election.” What a powerful message that will send to the “owners” of Nigeria.

Enough is enough. When will Nigerians wake up and stop proselytizing. These rogue politicians are Nigerians; therefore, Nigerians are rogues. To put it in syllogistic parlance, all Nigerians are rogues, politicians are Nigerians; therefore, Nigerian politicians are rogues. Boycotting the Anambra November 2017 Elections is a sure way of proving that not all Nigerians are rogues.


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