Comrade reminds one of communists and socialists.
Not in Nigeria.
Nigerians are capitalist comrades.
Labor leaders, unionists, and civil rights campaigners,
Add the appellation comrade to their names.

During their campaigns and struggles against the privileged,
Nigerian comrades share bread and wine with the masses.
Once they ascend to the mountain top,
On the back of the masses,
The erstwhile Comrade becomes a slave master.

Now they are Honorables, Senators, Governors, and Members of the House.
Your hitherto comrade now shares bread and wine with the privileged.
Comrade is jettisoned for Chief, Dr, Alhaji, Otunba, and Olorogun.
Attempts by former comrades to felicitate with their comrade,
Is met by physical barriers and maybe a whipping by security operatives.

Beware of Comrades who are not communists or socialists,
They are sheep in wolves’ clothing,
They will exploit you and dump you,
Real comrades are in Cuba and China.
Russia has abandoned ship.


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