Extolling the intangibles.
One in five blacks is Nigerian.
Yeah, and so what?
A Nigerian witch flew to the moon before Neil Armstrong.
Yeah, and so what?
A Nigerian family has more accountants than Papua New Guinea,
Yeah and so what?

Nigeria has produced a Nobel Prize winner,
Singapore has not.
A Nigerian has won a Grammy,
A Singaporean has not.
Nigeria is the tropics,
Singapore is in the tropics.
Fifty years ago Singapore was poorer than Nigeria.

Now come to the tangibles.
Singapore had Lee Kuan Yew,
Nigeria had nobody.
Oil abounds in Nigeria,
Leadership abounds in Singapore.
Singapore had vision,
Nigeria had blindness.
Are you seeing the differences?

Nigeria has quota system and National Character,
Singapore has merit and individual character.
Nigeria has Muslims,
Singapore has Muslims.
Islam is mentioned 28 times, Muslim 10 times, Sharia 73 times, and Grand Khadi 54 times in the Nigerian Constitution,
No specific religion is mentioned in the Singaporean Constitution.
Sharia is national in Nigeria,
Sharia is familial in Singapore.
Is the picture clearer?

Politics and religion should be kept separate.
Your God may not be my God.
Your poison may be my meat.
Your taboo may be my favorite.
Either remove religion from national politics,
Or divide Nigeria into religious states.

If there is an Asian Mo Ibrahim Prize,
It will find a permanent home in Singapore.
Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, and Cape Verde have won the Mo Ibrahim Prize.
Nigeria has won the Olympic Gold Medal in football.
Nigeria does not produce Mo Ibrahim Prize winners,
Because Nigeria’s roguish leaders can award thousands of Mo Ibrahim Prizes yearly with their loot.

Nigeria needs Nobel and Mo Ibrahim Prize winners in governance.
With good governance you can employ the best talents from anywhere,
Ask Qatar, UAE, and Singapore?

Now I implore the clueless to stop making videos touting useless Nigerian achievements.
Rather send Africastallestman a link when you make a video of a great Nigerian President.

3 thoughts on “WRONG ACCOLADES

  1. Kudos to you. Call it governance, leadership, politicians, president, commander-in-chief, whatever name you like, leadership has always been the bane of Nigeria’s woes. Chikena!!!

  2. Kai this is so on point. We have gone too deep and I just wonder how we can begin to retrace our steps back wards and towards the right thinking and mentality.

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