Kim Jong Un lobs ICBMs into the Sea of Japan,
As North Koreans suffer undue economic hardship.

Trump tears up US treaties,
And the US Senate writes health care bills in camera.

Assad poisons Syrian citizens with saran,
And drops barrel bombs on the survivors.

Iraqi and coalition forces retake Mosul,
And kill thousands of civilians.

As Europe takes in unprecedented number of refugees,
Australia is building offshore refugee concentration camps.

Duterte personally kills Filipino drug users,
And pays assassins to kill more.

Erdogan dismisses hundreds of thousands of Turks for saying Gülen,
And detains Amnesty Director and Board Chair.

Britain exits the EU but wants the benefits of membership,
And expulsion of European Citizens.

Nigeria’s Buhari kills unarmed protesters,
And Fulanis want to turn Nigeria into a big grazing area.

Putin’s Russia invades Ukraine and seizes Crimea,
And rigs elections in America and Europe.

Xi Jinping of China imprisons dissidents,
And throws away the prison keys.

South Africa’s Zuma marries 8th wife,
As his country’s economy totters.

Macron upends French Politics and marries his “mom,”
And rekindles French Nationalism.

Arab states led by King Salman of Saudi Arabia gang up on Qatar,
And Qatar calls off their bluff.

Kabila of the Democratic Republic of the Congo postpones elections indefinitely,
As Zimbabwe approves Robert Mugabe as life President.

Ice the size of Delaware, breaks off from Antarctica,
As the Earth warms.

Record wildfires rage all over the world,
As record droughts scorch the earth.

As fresh drinking water vanishes in large areas of the world,
Other areas are experiencing devastating floods.

Record coca plants in Colombia,
Matched by record poppy plants in Afghanistan.

At least there will be an abundance of drugs,
To dull our senses to the impending calamity.



  1. Dear Tallestman, both Eric Fromm and Sigmund Freud stated in their respective ground-breaking books: Anatomy of Human Destructiveness and Civilization and its Discontents, that man’s original instincts of destructiveness and aggressiveness (death) and instinct of life (Eros) are irremediably at eternal war of each against the other, and that civilization, with all its restrictions on those inherent aspects of human nature cannot do but very little to curb man’s natural tendency to exploit, kill, murder, suppress, oppress, rape, colonize, subdue, extract power, and wealth etc., from his neighbor or out-group. I will call all these “Incurable Diseases” of mankind. Thomas Hobbes’ state of nature described the human condition in no lighter mood…life ..nasty, brutal, bad and short, continual war of each against the other, until people decide to hand their individual, power, rights and liberty and sovereignty to a single designated absolute ruler, king or emperor, whose authority may not be challenged by groups or individuals within the realm.

    We remember Esso and Jacob of biblical times and how their mother connived with the younger son against the older son, thereby deceiving their father, to bless the wrong son as he was about to die. We remember how God made covenant with Isaac a younger son of Abraham instead of his first son Ismael, thereby creating a bad rift between the Palestine and the Jew to this day. We remember the inversion of the Huns, the rage of Khan over many lands, the two world wars, the list could easily be indefinite indeed. All appears to be the original nature of the world and man…Am I my brother’s keeper? Sigmund Freud stated that “the command:Love thy neighbor as thyself” is actually the strongest counter idea against the nature of human beings”. Tallestman, you rightly ask: What is wrong with the World? It appears that there is nothing wrong with the world, as such… remember that God ordered Moses in Deut 7, to kill the Amiliites, Jebusites Moabites and so on.. have no mercy on them, the walls of Jericho fall on its people and crushed them. God created the Canaanites, yet He gave Abraham their land as His special gift to his “Descendants” (the Jews)…what about the Canaanites?The goings on in the world could not be stopped by so-called civilization, freedom, liberty etc., these ideas and human ideals, have rather, one could rightly assert, exacerbated violence and tendency to destroy each other. We can go on and on: Cortes and Pizarro in Latin America, Herero in Southwest Africa and the Germans. we are flabbergasted in the face of all these; man’s inhumanity to his kind. We all will be less embarrassed, if we read history in depth. Thanks.

    1. Again you display your profound knowledge of the philosophers. Africastallestman’s view is that “man is inherently evil but cooperates with similar evil people when human survival is threatened by animal (ancient) or human (modern) forces.”

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