Divorce or death of a marriage mimics physical death.
It can be sudden as in a heart attack.
You are suddenly handed divorce papers by an officious looking person, as you are about to preside over a function.

Or slow and unremitting as in cancer.
After a long period of strifes, disagreements, disillusionments, verbal, and sometimes physical, abuse,
You both decide to throw in the towel.

The most difficult divorce is the death of a spouse,
Some would say that death is different,
But ponder these:
Some divorced couples never see their erstwhile spouses ever.
With a divorce, that part of your soul that harbors love for that individual dies,
And may never be rekindled.

In some cases, a divorce may be reversed.
Just as a dead person may be resurrected,
If you are a believer.
But most divorces are never resurrected,
Meaning that the death of the marriage,
Is real as in real physical death.
And any chance of reunion is in the life after.

People deal with divorce in a similar manner to death.
There is anger, denial, and finally acceptance of the death (divorce) of a spouse.
As people hope for a resurrection of a dead spouse,
So do they hope for the resurrection of a marriage.
With time it dawns on the parties that, neither reconciliation nor resurrection is possible.
Time does indeed heal!

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