Nigeria’s problems could be solved through inter-tribal marriages. An Igbo airman loves a Yoruba woman so much that he shoots and kills her, and her alleged lover. He was in the process of killing himself before he was apprehended.

Promotion of inter-tribal marriages by graded incentives may engender Nigerian unity and reduce conflicts. Payment is made at one year, five years and 10 years, so fraudsters can be weeded out. Love of spouse usually translates into love of in-laws and in-law’s tribe. In the worst case scenario, it translates into neutrality and not inter-tribal hate, mistrust and killings as presently exists in Nigeria.

Africastallestman loves the Yorubas. They are the most religiously tolerant Nigerians. A Yoruba Muslim man can marry an Igbo Catholic female and go to the Catholic mass with her. At night he goes to worship Sango and goes to Losers’ Chapel Night of Praises for a miraculous cure of his prostate cancer.

Meanwhile the Hausa-Fulani-Yoruba rulers of Nigeria have decided to exclude the Igbos, from any infrastructural development in Nigeria. To befuddle the Igbos, the Yoruba Nigerian Vice President is singing Igbo gospel songs instead of building a second Niger Bridge at Onitsha. Please give the Igbos a 2nd Niger Bridge and the Igbos will not care if you sing Kanuri gospel songs. If the Yoruba Vice President is married to an Igbo woman, not only will he be singing Igbo gospel songs but he will also be building a second Niger Bridge. Why? Soon, Nigerians will be singing, “Niger Bridge is falling down,” instead of “London Bridge is falling down.”

In lieu of sponsoring religious pilgrimages, the Nigerian Government should be sponsoring intertribal marriages. The British dare not insult the Greeks because Prince Phillips, the Queen’s boss is from Greece. The Queen is boss outside the other room (public) but Prince Phillips is boss in the other room (bedroom).

IBB’s love of the Igbos resulted from marrying an Igbo wife. Since Yorubas and Hausa-Fulani are core polygamists, there is still hope for Igbo redemption since Igbo women are highly desired. Religious irredentists should relent, and let love determine marriage and not religious persuasion. Since God made all of us and made all things possible, it is not far-fetched to ascribe the different religions to God’s will.

Amina (Hausa female) should marry Amadi (Igbo male), Adeola (Yoruba female) should marry Ari (Kanuri male), Aondohimba (Tiv female) should marry Ayiba tari (Ijaw male), and Adiaha (Ibibio female) should marry Abubakar (Fulani male). Let the intermarriages begin in the furtherance of Nigerian Unity.

Africastallestman calls this restructuring through marriage.

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  1. That is one great idea of building “one Nigeria”, Idi Amin married from four ethnic groups, with the purpose of creating Ugandan unity albeit, during his reign of terror.

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