All Nigerians should welcome and applaud the move by the Buhari administration to establish National Grazing Reserves all over Nigeria for his nomadic Fulani brethren. It would de-escalate the hostilities between nomads and farmers while boosting the nation’s livestock resources. But can man live only by meat alone? The answer is a resounding No!

To ensure that Nigerians eat a balanced diet, the Buhari administration must also establish National Farming Reserves all over the country, encouraging farmers in land challenged areas such as the SS, SE, and SW to expand their agribusinesses all over the nation, boosting our food supplies and creating agro-related jobs for the unemployed masses.

In conclusion, the National Grazing Reserve Bill should be merged with the National Farming Reserve Bill into the National Food Supply Bill. Any nation that imports its food staples is not truly a nation and may be subject to white mailing, or if you prefer blackmailing by other countries.

Africastallestman believes in justice and equity. What amenities you provide for cattle herders should also be provided for farmers. After all, what is good for Atiku is equally good for Akpunku. Only in a Banana Republic can the government forcibly confiscate your land for the benefit of another private citizen.


  1. Am happy a number of people are now in the know of this atrocities being perpetrated by the North and lording it over the rest of the tribes. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander!
    Africastallestman, please keep exposing the ills of our society. Thanks

  2. Good job guys. Keep reminding the Buhari administration that Nigeria does not consist of the Northend States only.

  3. Nomadic animal herders should be banned in Nigeria all together. In developed nations, animal husbandry is done on farms.

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