God hid it from us,
Sometimes at depths of over 12 kilometers (7.5 miles).
Painted it black, the color of the unseen Devil.
And made it gooey and stinky.
Yet humans love this evil so much,
That wars have been fought over it.

What is it that evokes so much emotions?
Yeah, it is the black gold or crude oil.
When it refuses to yield,
We frack it, blast it, and whip it into yielding.
It has made fortunes for the drillers.

What has it done for the Earth?
It provides cheap energy,
While degrading the environment through
Oil spills, carbon emissions, methane leaks, and global warming.
But the climate deniers are not convinced.

If God did not want us to use it,
Why did God create it?
Yes, God created and hid it miles under the Earth to protect us.
The same reason that guns are kept in gun cabinets to protect children.
Are we not God’s children?

Ocean levels are rising,
Glaciers are melting,
Flooding and droughts are in competition.
Winds are howling and hurling houses away,
These are unprecedented events but the denying persists.

Assume that the deniers are right,
And the environmentalists wrong.
Is that extra dollar in your pocket,
Worth the risk of condemning the future generations to unimaginable suffering?
If the environmentalists are right.

But wait a minute,
It is the conservative, wrong group that espouses racism and hatism,
That denies global warming.
Could this be because crude oil is black?
After all, black is a hated color.

Maybe eliminating racism and hatism,
Would spare crude oil,
All the indignities visited upon it.
And crude oil will spare us,
The indignities of global warming.

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