It is called pre-existing,
And not existing conditions,
For a reason.
And health insurance companies,
Should not cover it for a reason.

Imagine a health insurance company formed in 2014.
Approached by a person born in 1950.
With asthma for 50 years.
How can this health insurance company,
Cover a disease older than itself?

This individual should apply,
To a health insurance company formed in 1949.
It is only fair that health insurance companies,
Cover only conditions,
Younger than themselves.

Some would argue,
That health insurance applicants,
Should list time of onset of their ailments,
On their applications.
Impossible, because humans lie all the time.

And who knows when you got your diabetes,
Until the health insurance company,
Does a pre-enrollment screening for diabetes.
Since health care is a privilege and not a right.
Direct your complaints to your God and not your legislators.

Welcome to America!

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