The Nigerian Police finally apprehended a notorious kidnapper named Evans, an “Igbo criminal.” His widely publicized capture fits the narrative of the Arewa Adult Youth Group, that Igbos are criminals. I hope that the newly effective Nigerian Police will capture all the “Igbo” criminals that kidnapped the Chibok girls. They should also capture the “Igbo” criminals operating in the Northern States and Abuja where there have also been high profile kidnappings.

The Evans gang is so powerful and notorious that someone in the security apparatus was on the take. Evans should be placed in protective custody to expose his collaborators. He should not be given the Mohammed Bala Yusuf treatment. If Mr. Yusuf had not been killed, the backers of Boko Haram would have been exposed.

The timing of his capture is to denigrate the Igbos and flame the embers of hate. If Evans was operating in Biafra, he would have been apprehended by the Biafran Police after his first kidnapping.

Africastallestman suggests that all the “Evans” be captured and deported to “Biafra” to continue their criminality.

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