AREWA Youths are enumerating Igbo property.
AFENIFERE Youths are marking Igbo property.
RONDEL Youths are demarcating Igbo property.
What are the foolish Igbos doing?
Fighting each other,
Forming mushroom organizations,
And issuing useless communiques.
It is only a matter of time before every Igbo property ,
Outside Igbo land is delineated.

While their enemies are amassing,
A formidable arsenal,
To dispossess them of their properties.
And also extinguish their lives.
As has been going on since 1945.
And will continue till the end of time.

The naive Igbos are busy counting their money,
And continue to build in hostile territory.
It is only a matter of time before Igbos start losing their property.

Instead of preparing for the inevitable,
And investing in Igbo land,
Igbos are making excuses,
For their continued sojourn,
In hateful foreign lands.
It is only a matter of time before they start expelling Igbos.

Myopia beclouds Igbo vision.
While their enemies see Igbo property,
Outside Igbo land as abandoned property.
Igbos see them as investments.
The new spate of property abandonment,
Will impoverish Igbos for millennia.
It is only a matter of time before myopia turns into dysphoria.

The sooner the Igbos start divesting in foreign lands,
And start bringing home the bacon,
The lesser will be the impact of the second abandoned property saga.
It happened in Port Harcourt, an Igbo territory,
As confirmed by Sir Henry Willink in his Commission’s report.
How much easier will it be,
To happen in Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Kano, and Sokoto?
Confirmed territory of Igbo haters.
The haters are waiting for a propitious time.

To this end, the South East Governors must unite
And create a world class industrial corridor
To harness and actualize the Igbo potential for greatness
The time is for action is now.

Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, and Switzerland are landlocked countries.
With some of the highest per capita GNP in the world.
And Biafra will soon join them.
And the River Niger may become the new Atlantic Ocean.
Time can transform ideas into reality.

Before Igbos lose all their property outside Igbo land.
They should st divesting in hostile territory,
And start investing in Igbo land.
The Jews lost heavily in Europe,
But are now the wealthiest tribe in the world.
So, too, the Igbos will recover because of their ingenuity,
Intellectual prowess, and industriousness.
With time, Igbos can rebuild their wealth in Igbo land.

Nigeria was not, is not, and will never be a united country.
A stitch in time saves Igbo lives and property.

12 thoughts on “IT IS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME

  1. How I wish Igbos can be more diplomatic in dealing with other people. The Fulani conquered most people of Northern Nigeria and had the rest put under their control by the British. The Igbos didn’t conquer anybody yet they love the Fulanis conquerors rather than Igbo promoters of development. Can’t we form an alliance of Northern minority’s and the conquered Hausas(Habe kingdoms) to liberate our them from feudalism. There are many alternative narratives for the Nigerian nation other than Igbo bashing.

  2. I join my voice with Africantallestman and Emeka in praying that your sermon will be adhered to by the Igbos so that the loss will not be colossal. As for me am already thinking in the same direction and nothing outside igbo land for now until I see reasonable sanity. I even doubt.

  3. I called one of our illustrious Igbo brother yesterday who resided in Katsina to know how he has been planning to relocate to the east, he was telling me that the notice was too short, that he did not know where to start and that I was aware who he is in that place because he has chains of businesses there. He said” egolu ana kita, a ga-alu ya ozigbo ozigbo kpoba ngwa ahia na ya, Uchem di n’ihe igwaram. He has the same business in Ghana. I did my part time job in one of his business empires when I did my NYSC in Katsina state. He’s from Ukpor. He deals in transformers, electronics, eletricals both parts, appliances, high tension wires and cables, poles,computers, business centres, cyber cafe, accessories and so on. My own cousins too were saying that they were toothless dogs. What is holding we (igbos) is really strong. We only think about today not tomorrow. Always comfortable anywhere we are. It’s a serious problem. If only they will listen to your voice (John ) crying from a far land. I am with you in this mission. I have been calling those that I know to have a rethink. Dalu.

  4. Our people have refused to learn from past mistakes. They are too accommodating. You cannot continue to accommodate someone who harbours ill intentions for you. Our people are never proactive. They’re waiting for when it’ll be too late before they do the needful. Our people say ” Agwa nti, onughi, egbupu isi, osolu ya”. Ndewo nu.

  5. Igbos and Nigerians alike are not ardent students of history. That being said, they have learned nothing from past occurrences. This is one of the biggest threats to already fragile democracy…we don’t learn from our mistakes!

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