Double your defenses and prepare for a catastrophic outcome when your erstwhile enemies start heaping praises on you. The Igbos of Nigeria love praises whether it is self-administered (megalomania) or externally administered (sycophancy).

With the sustained agitation for Biafra, whether physical or metaphorical, the hitherto enemies of the Igbos have resorted to showering praises on Igbo ingenuity, drive, industry, accommodation, and resilience. They however forget to praise Igbo political stupidity that manifests itself in Igbo naivety in dealing with complex political situations starting from the early Igbo Nationalists to present day Igbo politicians, especially the Igbo Governors and Legislators.

The internet is inundated daily with articles, posts, and videos praising the Igbos and urging them to remain part of Nigeria. Where are all these people when Igbos are being beheaded in Northern Nigeria, Igbos excluded from political appointments, Igbo properties confiscated, Igbos threatened with drowning, Igbo lands turned into military encampments, and market stalls owned by Igbos, bulldozed?

These “sympathizers” are only interested in continued Igbo tithing to the Nigerian State. They do not call for a referendum or restructuring of Nigeria. Igbos should be careful of Trojan praises. These encomiums should not copied, pasted, and forwarded. If they are serious, they should embark on public protests denouncing Igbo maltreatment, marginalization, and murder.

Africastallestman believes that the greatest danger to the Igbo fight for respect and self-determination, are Igbo money bag contractors that are willing to sell Igbos for a “cup” of porridge.


  1. We can never be quarantined( you know most viruses cannot be wiped out by antiviruses,sometimes you quarantine).They can never succeed this time around. Every Igbo man is already feeling the pains inflicted on us by the government of the Hausa’s and Yoruba’s( so called Nigeria as a country). We are being treated like third class citizens in our so called country. So the people selling their birthrights among the Igbo’s are the so called elites because of the little crumbs falling from the political tables. I read what one Baba wrote on one of the national dailies ” saying that VP should listen to the Igbo’s before it is too late. Left for me, I do not want restructuring, I want total freedom. Let us go and face the music squarely. If it is good, we rejoice and if it is not, we keep on trying until we get it right. I rest my case. Long live the people of Biafra.

  2. I am in sync with the views expressed in this post. When ever your enemies, people who are in competition are chearing you up just watch out, they maybe leading you to bigger trouble. It is a pity that Igbos lack political direction, thats why they applaud anyone who praises them whether friend or foe. My take is that Igbos stand to gain more from a restructured Nigeria than Biafra of just 5 states. I commend the write up, it is a wake up call for ndi igbo. Thank you.

  3. As for me Ndigbo should first unite in order to form a formidable force. That is the first step and other things will begin to fall in line. As for the praise singers we know them and their evil capabilities and they should be avoided like canker worms and locusts because that is what they represent. Who is fooling who.

  4. Ad hoc unity, you rightly called it…Yes, I strongly believe that once the Igbos self-recognize and then fight for “other recognition” of them, then, they may arrive at a point in which they may not “fight for respect” as you wrote, because once they recognize themselves for who they are, then the rest of the country will equally recognize them for who they really are in the scheme of things in Nigeria, and from there we proceed to another level of our undying quest for our idea of separation, from Nigeria. This is my contention… Thank you.

  5. I think that those who are praising Biafraians are those who are plucking their feathers to clean their ears therefore marking it impossible for Biafraians to fly however, who can say it if the Lord has not. In God we stand

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