Nigeria is operating under an undemocratic constitution written by a military dictatorship. The political elite, too eager to commence their suspended looting of the economy, acquiesced to the undemocratic document. Under a real constitution, Mallam Abubakar Malami would not be Attorney General of Nigeria, as there are more qualified candidates.

Malami found the constitution so important that he asked his aide, Salihu Isah, to make the following statement on his behalf at a conference in Abuja on May 30, 2017:
“As things stand, restructuring requires amending the constitution to accommodate referendum or, in the alternative, a constitutional amendment to the 1999 constitution, which in this case must be supported by majority of legislators in 24 states of the federation as enshrined in Section 9 of the constitution. Whether that process is going to be, an easy sale is a conjecture that should be left for deliberation. But one thing that is certain is the inevitable implication that abolishing states through restructuring process will certainly translate to the eventual multiplier effect of abolishing the state house of assembly and perhaps downsizing the National Assembly and probably the civil service and other related federal institution. This indeed is a tall order that cannot be achieved through advocacy, emotional outburst or provocative rhetorics and demonstrations. The beauty of democracy is in the process and legislative process is in our case the only answer.”

Mallam Abubakar Malami is only protecting his undeserved position and should not be taken seriously. If he is serious, he should have come in person to address the conference and take questions. A constitution that does not define what it means to be a Nigerian is a sham. A Yoruba man can live in Kano for 80 years and still be regarded as a foreigner. The earlier the useless document is tossed into Lake Chad, the better. If the 1999 constitution is sacrosanct, then, the one before it was also sacrosanct, and General Abdulsalami Abubakar should not have replaced it. Mr. Malami is singing his master’s tune and soon, it will be just noise making.

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