1. There should be one Pan-Ndi Igbo Organization, namely Ohaneze Ndi Igbo.
2. Any other Igbo Organization should be part of, and answerable to Ohaneze.
3. Any deviation from number 2 should attract heavy sanctions and ostracism.
4. The title of Eze Ndigbo should be abolished and violators sanctioned and ostracized.
5. All the fake autonomous communities in Imo States should be scrapped and each town must have one Eze.
6. If Igbos cannot unite at the town level, it is laughable to seek unity at the tribal level.
7. The multiple Apex Igbo Organizations in the Diaspora especially in the USA should be merged into Ohaneze USA.
8. Money in the coffers of the hitherto mushroom apex Igbo organizations should be paid into Ohaneze Ndi Igbo’s coffers after the merger.
9. Any fraudulent leader of any Igbo Organization must be exposed and removed.
10. Igbos should feel at home anywhere in Igbo land.
11. Ijeko ebee. Inako ebee, wawa, agba enu, and agba ani is okay as njakiri, and that is it.
12. Rusticating and expelling Igbos from Igbo States is worse than Governor Fashola’s dumping lunatics at the Anambra end of the Niger Bridge in the middle of the night.
13. All the mushroom Igbo organizations in the Diaspora will go subterranean. In some American and Nigerian Cities, there are as many as 200 provincial and parochial organizations.
14. These organizations should go underground and meet in people’s residences.
15. Every major city in the Igbo diaspora should have a branch of Ohaneze. This should be the mouthpiece of the Igbos in those cities.
16. Ohaneze should organize all the public fundraising and transmit all funds to Ohaneze Ndi Igbo.
17. Provincial and parochial organizations can organize fundraising without fanfare to support their pet causes.
18. Ohaneze should fund projects to benefit the whole of Igbo land such as infrastructural and cultural projects.
19. Igbos must put their houses in order before clamoring for self-rule.
20. Igbos should not wait for another Holocaust before unifying.
21. Africastallestman hopes that Chief John Nnia Nwodo is listening.


  1. A good suggestion, but please don’t be embarrased by my question which is ‘unite’ for what? For Biafra or what. Why the sudden call for igbo unity? Is it reaction to apc’s exclusion of igbos from their govt? Or are we beign propelled by Ipob etc. Apc is a phase that is already passing.
    The igbos should focus more on how to maximise the benefit inherent in a bigger marked which is Nigeria. They should learn how to employ and elevate their people when serving at the national level. Ngige, Onu, Onyeama etc how many Igbos have they employed since assuming office? Soludo as cbn governor, Okonjo Iweala, Pius Anyim as SGF how many federal opportunitiea did they create for their people when they were in govt.?

    1. Good point , Barth. Let me stretch it further. Igbo man was the number 2 man in Nigeria’s first republic, in the person of Alex Ekwueme, and What did he do for the igbos? Himself and other igbo elites were busy chasing import licences, and contracts, while the likes of Umaru Dikko, an ordinary cabinet minister were involved in the scheming and structuring government policies to benefit their people and ensure continuity of their power and influence even after they left power. Igbos are less futuristic in terms of succession. Our elites always think of here and now.

  2. The Igbo’s can the action plan any time whether by I p o b or by APC that is not any body’s business but to come together at one umbrella 1st other things follows so I am in total support of that move

  3. Barth and Okaka, Igbos ought to unite for unity’s sake, because, it is a fact that they as a people are receiving blows from the Yorubas, Hausa/Fulani and others internally and externally, from the days of slavery. And speaking of what the Igbo top administrators have done for the Igbos: They should emulate the nationalism of N.C.N.C that was practically the real purveyor of national unity and saw the entire country as their constituency rather than Igbos only. A friend of mine, a PhD holder in Environmental Studies, asked after the death of Steller Obasanjo from Ekpoma in Bendel state of the time:I hope she did something for her people? To this assertion, I responded: friend, do you know that you hold PhD, and still talk as if politics should be ethnically based…That is the problem we have as African Nations… thinking almost always in terms of ethnic needs above the national needs. As such I do not blame the so called People of Igbo origin in higher offices who did not do particular things for their particular Igbo people. Thank you both for inputs in this article.

  4. We are all in diaspora. Think about it. Until we call Eastern Nigeria home. with nationalism and pride. We will be outside looking in. Daalu nu.

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