The colonists conquered Africa and Africans despite the much-vaunted black magic (African voodoo). Instead of Africans discarding their inferior voodoo for the white man’s voodoo, they resorted to believing that black voodoo only works on blacks. Sensible people will discard their ineffective voodoo and try to master the superior white man’s voodoo. But not the African. No race is superior in every aspect of the human race. Mastery of radio waves is superior to mastery of witchcraft. Blacks are more endowed in the physical race than other races.

White voodoo is science, technology, hard work, perseverance, and patience. This is not easy voodoo. African voodoo consists of feathers, blood, animal hides, animal bones, twigs, dead animals, strings, worthless coins, and maybe a day old chick. Voodoo objects placed at intersections, by the riverbanks, or by the roadside may include a life immature and inedible animal. Has anyone seen life adult goats offered to voodoo priests bleating at the roadside? It will be gone before the gods have any chance to collect their fortune! Strings usually hold together voodoo objects worn around the body.

White voodoo gave us airplanes, atomic bombs, automobiles, battle tanks, radio communication, modern medicine, computers, cameras, firearms, ships, spacecraft, television, video, and the Zamboni™. On the other hand, African voodoo gave us witches and wizards, remoting or casting spells from a distance through space, teleportation, and zombies. The accomplishments of white voodoo are tangible and reproducible. Black voodoo is intangible, results are not reproducible, and failures are attributed to the subject not abiding by the impossible voodoo priest’s instructions. There is an African voodoo object, named Odeshi or Anunuebe, if worn around the body, will make you impervious to bullets (white voodoo). Failures are 100%. White voodoo (bullets) always defeats African voodoo (feathers, blood, animal hides, animal bones, and twigs, held by strings).

Instead of attributing the defeat to superior white voodoo, it is attributed to the subject dropping a bar soap while bathing in the bathroom, being in the same room with a menstruating woman, or looking backwards on your way back from the witch or voodoo doctor, after procuring your charm. Any of these acts makes the bulletproof voodoo ineffective. These warnings, which are unavoidable, are the witch doctors’ excuse for fake promises. Sensible people will master the white voodoo as the Chinese and Indians are doing but not the African.

Aircrafts which are the white man’s equivalent of witchcraft (African witches supposedly fly), will take anybody, anywhere, whether you are menstruating or not, traveling facing backwards or forwards, and will transport African witches and wizards. African witches and wizards do not carry passengers during their missions, but will line up at foreign embassies seeking exit visas. It is truly unfathomable to see African witches and wizards lining up at foreign embassies seeking visas to escape the poverty in Africa, while simultaneously claiming to prepare lucky, fetish objects for visa applicants to enable them secure foreign visas.

Any con African man or woman with a fast, smooth talking tongue can become an African voodoo doctor overnight. You cannot become an engineer, pilot, physician, or astronomer overnight. Africans will always choose the easy path, which is a combination of gullibility and genetic superstition in the African.

Africastallestman urges Africans to discard their inferior voodoo, and join the modern world of white voodoo or discard white voodoo, close their borders and develop at their own pace with African voodoo. A bicameral voodoo system as presently practiced by Africans is inimical to development. This is also accentuated by the bi-religious beliefs of the African, who practices Christianity or Islam during the day and a voodoo religion at night.


  1. This article is for me personally, the proper light for real Africans. Africans are really not going anywhere in terms of human development as such. They do not intend to touch, disturb or use their mother nature, because they and raw nature are one. Brother, do remember Franz Fanon’s ‘White mask and black skin” and “The wretched of the earth”, Aime Ceaser’s poems regarding “those who never invented the gun power, nor the steam… and Hegel a German philosopher,who thinks that “the black spirit is asleep”. Again, about the debate of English men, Carlyle and Mills called, “The Negro Question”, where Carlyle regarded blacks as mere animals, that should not compete with white superiority,and Kierkegaard, the father of existentialism, talked of “Sickness unto death” for the African condition appears to be sickness onto death.Think again of Leopold Senghor’s Poem that states unequivocally, that “reason is to the the white man as passion is to black man”. My friend, I sincerely wish a great blessing to you from the universe that endowed you with this deep-digging, insightful delve into the aorta of the African spirit, and to this uncharted route into their abyss. I wish your naked demonstration here will push them to think about their place in this universe, and help them to choose to create their own world, despite, their extended unending humiliation world over. Thank you so much.

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