Superstition is not superstition.
One is innocuous, the other is harmful.
African Superstition is harmful,
Non-African Superstition is innocuous.
African superstition is anti-progress.
African superstition is anti-development.
African Superstition has been religionized.

Superstition integrated with Religion,
Is difficult to eradicate or control.
African Religious Services resemble
Voodoo services and Offerings conducted,
By anointed and appointed Charlatans.
Every scientific event has a superstitious explanation.
Superstition retards Africa’s Progress.

Superstition is a surrogate for Religion.
Just as Religiosity tracks Development,
Superstition tracks Development.
Superstition is an index of Development.
The more Superstitious, a people are,
The more undeveloped they are.

Western and Eastern Superstition,
Not anti-Development or anti- Progress.
Africans expect Superstition to do the work,
Non-Africans do the work and use
Superstition as an aid or facilitator.
Moreover, Superstition not as widespread
In non-African countries and peoples.

The non-African wears a number 13 shirt,
Still practices hard and plays harder.
The African wears a number 13 shirt,
And expects the shirt to do the playing.
Obviously, Superstition has become reality,
For the African and controls his/her life.
What a farcical way to live!

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