The Russian Government helped install President Donald Trump of the USA. The dispute is on how much advantage their misinformation, manipulations, and machinations aided Trump’s victory.

Nigeria was already under international opprobrium because of corruption. Western multinationals initiated, aided, and abetted this corruption in an attempt to reap off the continent’s riches. These nefarious companies in an ever-increasing quest for profits will bribe anybody, including children, to assess any resource that they desire.

Now to the Chibok girls. Two hundred and seventy-six (276) girls were kidnapped from their high school in Chibok on April 14, 2014, in the dead of the night supposedly by Boko Haram Terrorists. The international angst and vituperations that followed marked the beginning of international and local disaffection with the Jonathan Goodluck administration. His administration was deemed corrupt, ineffectual, and uncaring. How can 276 schoolchildren disappear without trace?

According to the Guardian newspaper, “The girls were located in the first few weeks of the RAF mission,” a source involved in Operation Turus told the Observer. “We offered to rescue them, but the Nigerian government declined.” Why did Goodluck refuse the British assistance?

Goodluck Jonathan may have been wrongly advised by a Northern coterie. He was misled into believing that accepting British assistance will diminish Nigeria’s sovereignty. Unbeknownst to him the kidnapping was part of a grand scheme to unseat him. The Western powers coalesced around Muhammadu Buhari and his “Change” slogan. They believed that Buhari would rescue the girls and vanquish Boko Haram. Candidate Buhari was forced to issue only one statement condemning Boko Haram, the harbingers of terror during the 2015 Presidential Campaign. Previously, his condemnations were tepid. At one point, he accused the Jonathan Goodluck Administration of highhandedness in the pursuit of terrorists.

The Chibok Girls ruse was thoroughly planned to portray the Jonathan Goodluck regime in bad light, especially in the international arena. The piecemeal release of some of these girls at crucial times of the year, usually close to the anniversary of the Buhari regime in May or the independence anniversary in October, suggests a collusion between their captors and the Buhari administration. The released “prisoners” are shielded from their parents, press, and the public. What is the government hiding? The girls are clandestinely moved from a Boko Haram safe house to a government safe house. The risk of the girls talking and revealing the nefarious plot is too risky for the beleaguered regime.

Was Boko Haram promised money as well as freedom for its imprisoned fighters if they cooperated in this kidnap scheme? Usually, prisoner exchanges do not include exchanging money. The Buhari administration has been taciturn on the number of released Boko Haram fighters and the millions if not billions of ransom money paid to Sheik Shekau and his Boko Haram co-travelers.

Africastallestman’s suspicions are based on:

1. The hostages living in the Sambisa forest and under bombardment by the Nigerian Armed Forces look more like graduates of a Calabar premarital fattening house.
2. Picture.



3. The girls are being released in batches, usually in May and October, to tout the achievements of a decrepit administration that has woefully failed Nigerians.
4. Secrecy, Safe Houses, and Surveillance (SSS). Nothing involving the SSS has a good ending. The details of the prisoner swap is shrouded in secrecy. The released hostages are in Safe Houses presumably for debriefing and rehabilitation. The surveillance is so intense that their parents are prohibited from seeing them.
5. How long do they have to be secluded in Safe Houses?
6. Is the cash transfer meant to bolster the firepower of Book Haram in time for the 2019 Presidential election?
7. Boko Haram needs the cash infusion to plan for the upcoming conflagration as President Muhammad Buhari leaves the stage and the Northern Cabal-Tinubu-Yoruba melodrama unfolds.
8. The future portends more conflicts as the political gossamer named Nigeria unravels following the exit of Muhammadu Buhari before the expiration of his tenure.

The Chibok girls did for Buhari and his APC (All Progressives Congress or Alliance for Phony Change) what Putin and the KGB did for Trump in America in the 2016 US Presidential election.

The Buhari administration has proved to be the most inept, corrupt and nepotistic regime in the history of Nigeria. He has greatly diminished the chances of the APC ever winning a future National election. All the fly-by-night politicians flocking to the APC will defect to the next hot party in 2019. The political jamboree continues.


  1. We are in a journey of no return. This particular regime is full of lies and deceit. The more you look, the less you see.

  2. We are observing and watching the outcome of a whole lot of propaganda unfolding in this country.

  3. Very good observation on Chibok debacle. Johnathan had it on good authority that the kidnap was a ruse that was why he rejected the so called British offer to help. I suspected America CiA to be the behind the kidnap drama, because Johnathan’s local content program, the BIP bills, automotive policy etc when fully implemented would hurt American business interest. The long and short of the story is that the kidnap was an arrangement between apc, bokoharam and some countries to ridicule Johnathan and attract local and international condemnation of his government.

  4. Jonathan if he knew what he was doing would have exposed the conspiracy if any. The verdict on him is that he was clueless and unfit to lead any country

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