What did America expect when it hired a petulant “reality” TV show host as her President? Trump’s trademark by-line as host of the “reality” TV show, “The Apprentice” was: “You are fired.” This popular phrase, while catchy and funny in a “reality” TV show, has no place in governance. Dissenters of government actions may turn out to be heroes. Nuclear war was averted during the Cold War because of dissenters. Reality shows are as unreal as an honest politician is. President Trump is being as “real” in the White House as he was on “reality” TV. Apparently, he does not know the difference.

After all, he is the CEO of America, the chief decider as President George Bush of the phantom Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction fame put it. Unlike the hierarchy in his Trump Organization where he is the alpha and omega, he fails to recognize that the three arms of the American government are equal partners.

President Donald Trump ascended to the Presidency on stairs paved with lies, hackers, and ignorance. The Presidency is swirling in a cesspool of misinformation, outright lies and camouflage. An example of camouflage is the recent bombing of a Syrian Air Base to muddle his romance with the Russians. Showing his true love for the Russians, he discloses classified information supplied by American Allies to the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador to America, Sergey Kislyak during a White House meeting.

The firing has begun. National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn kicked it off followed by FBI Director, James Comey. Is the leaker of the Russian disclosure the next person to fire, followed by Mike Pence, who accepted the position of Vice President to replace Trump when Trump is fired? How long will this political charade take before the CEO is fired? Since President Trump treats America as a company, the remedy for any ailing company is to fire its CEO. The Republicans will pay a heavy electoral price for its dalliance with the political and unrepentant serial offender, Trump, whom they supported for temporal gains such as court appointments and heating the Earth through their environmental policies.

A nation where judgement depends on political orientation, color, and wealth is morally bankrupt. President Trump is not entirely naive. He has a poison pill in the person of Mike Pence. If Mike Pence ascends the Presidency, Trump’s policies will be utopian compared to the “Christian” Mike Pence, who thinks that healthcare is a privilege and Medicaid expansion, a communist idea.
Emergency situations demand emergency action. America cannot have a President installed by Russian Interests. There must be a new Presidential election to deodorize the stinky effluvium oozing out of the White House.

Africastallestman is watching the developments in Washington D.C.

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  1. Hmmmm this is serious. I pray America deploys means to deal with this poison because as it is now Africa can’t deal with a drop especially Nigeria whom is also dealing with its own poison, it will be disastrous to have international poison injected. God forbid.

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