War Crimes And Weapons Of Mass Destruction.


Dropping an Atomic bomb on unarmed civilians and killing hundreds of thousands is not a war crime.

Dropping a Gas bomb on an unarmed civilians and killing less than 100 is a war crime.

Africans killing thousands of innocent unarmed Africans is not a war crime.

Asians killing thousands of unarmed Asians is not a war crime.

Europeans killing thousands of unarmed Europeans is a war crime.

Saran, Anthrax, Chlorine, Biological, and Nerve agents are weapons of mass destruction.

Atomic bombs, Hydrogen bombs, Neutron bombs, and MOAB (Mother of all BOMBS) are not weapons of mass destruction.

The former are within the reach of poor countries and the latter are stockpiled by the rich countries who are also members of the Security Council that determines what is a weapon of mass destruction or not.

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

There will be no world peace as long as hypocrites rule the world.

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